This Is Real Life: What Holiday Is It?

So, I’ve been feeling this week like it’s about time for another installment of “This Is Real Life.” In fact, I’ve been feeling it for a couple of weeks, but I keep starting to write, and then I’m like, “Jenn, no one wants to hear you bitching again about how crazy busy life is.” And maybe you don’t, but it’s more like one of those “grab a glass of wine, and let’s commiserate together about the craziness of life,” type things. You know, good girlfriend talk. So grab your glass of wine, or coffee, if it’s before like 11 am and you’re reading this, or wine…whatever, I’m not judging, and sit and take a little gander at pictures of my house and stories about life lately that will make you feel better about your life…or at least make you feel like you’re not alone.

This is Real Life | MyFabulessLife.comFirst, let me explain the title of this post. Do you know what Holiday it is? Because my house isn’t quite sure. I put my Halloween up in a super timely manner this year, but you know what didn’t get put away in a timely manner? The box for the Halloween decorations. It’s been sitting right here in this spot for like a month. Good thing I didn’t waste any energy hauling that thing back to the basement, because it saves me a trip when I go to put it away next week. And is that also a Christmas tree sitting there? Why yes, yes it is (and it also makes a great baby gate when Aunt Jenn babysits). Guess who will be decorating for Christmas next week?!!!

this-is-real-life-entryway-myfabulesslife-comI know decorating before Thanksgiving is like a cardinal sin for some, but I live for Christmas, so in the words of Kartman on the Maury Povich show, “I do what I want.” Also, deadlines. Such is the world of blogging. But don’t worry Thanksgiving purists, I’ve got all things Thanksgiving going on in the dining room.

this-is-real-life-myfabulesslife-comLike full-blown, Thanksgiving explosion. Basically it’s Hallothanksmas at my house. Oooo, that’s kind of catchy, maybe I’ll copyright it and make it a thing. I mean, that’s basically what’s going on in all of the stores and TV commercials this time of year anyway, right? Why not at my house?

real-life-messes-myfabulesslife-comSo, of course with all of the Holiday confusion going on around here, why not decide to basically gut the cabinets and do my semi-annual, “Jenn’s in a mood,” full kitchen reorganization. Seriously, my poor husband. He just gets used to where things are in the kitchen and then I decide that I have some new brilliant, better last time, organization idea and suddenly, it’s like Where’s Waldo with the measuring cups again.


I’m happy to report though that after staying up until 2 am, I have cleared out two drawers in my kitchen that are completely empty and waiting for new junk useful things, the counters are clear, and the house was SPARKLING. Was sparkling, until about 11 am the following day when the Hallothanksmas stuff blew up all over the house again and we did that whole “we live here” thing.

real-life-kitchen-mess-myfabulesslife-comAnd now Halloween weekend is upon us. Or should I say, the week of costuming extravaganza! Five days of taking costumes on and off, constant candy highs (and I’m sure the lows that go with it ;) )…all that fun. #Memories, right? Really though, I love Halloween with little ones and watching how much fun they have, the magic of it all, but let me share my favorite Halloween hack for when you’re in the middle of a candy meltdown. It comes courtesy of one of my favorite shows, The League. Adult Trick Or Treating. Inconspicuous kids cup + wine = Halloween sanity my friends! Or just grab the bottle and remind yourself “we’re making memories…we’re making memories…,” remember, I’m not judging. Have a fabulous weekend my friends!!

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