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Not really sure what to title this post. That sounded really serious, it’s not. You may (or may not–I’m not offended) have noticed that things have been pretty quiet around here lately except for the weekly link party post. And just because it wouldn’t be a normal post around here without me saying it: it’s been a crazy last couple of months. May especially. One of those months where so many things were going on, that the time just sort of came and went without even noticing.

real life

Anyway, without getting into a bunch of sob story, because let’s be honest, everyone has got stuff going on, May was a blur. My dad was in the hospital twice (he’s ok), my grandpa very unexpectedly passed away (that’s been pretty tough), and it did include the rite of passage of the first broken bone in our family. And man she broke it good (falling off of the monkey bars).


Her excitement about being able to wear a sling (in fact, there was a fist pumping “yes!!” when the ER doctor offered her one) lasted approximately a day and a half until she realized that her days of bike-riding, scootering, rollerblading and monkey bars were over for the forseeable future and slings are really just UNCOMFORTABLE. At which point we entered roughly a week emotional roller coaster fun. Being five is hard :( Being five, in the summer, with a broken arm…well that’s just tragic ;) And let’s just say, I’ll be a very happy person if I don’t have to see the inside of a hospital room or a medical bill for a very long time. (When I started writing this post at the beginning of June, we were still in the thick of cast hell, but we’re finally done with the whole cast ordeal and I just want to sing “Praise Jesus, hallelujah!! Well, maybe. Now she has to wear a brace which may be more annoying, except that she can get in the water.)


Anyway, with the roller coaster that May was, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this whole blogging thing, or shall I say neglect this whole blogging thing and think about other things. Which brings me to the whole point of this little post. I LOVE blogging. I love the friends I’ve made, both bloggers and those of you who just come here to tell me that my ideas were awesome–I’m not exaggerating when I say it means the world to me. I love sharing ideas, seeing other people use them, and just being able to have my little space in this blogging world and interact with like minded ladies (and maybe a few gentlemen?). But really, that’s exactly what it is. A little space, and a hobby space at that. Things around here have sort of been floundering since the beginning of the year. There’s always the post-Christmas creativity crash, but this year, I haven’t really been able to drag myself back out of it. Honestly, for the latter part of the last year, this little blog of mine was literally taking over my life. I talked about it all the time, I was working on projects in every spare moment I had and it was leaving no time for anything else. I would pass up opportunities for activities together as a family and let’s not even talk about the state that my house was in. It was honestly just sort of ridiculous. One day in January, I was finally feeling so overwhelmed by all of the clutter that had taken over my house and the mess that had piled up, and feeling behind on just about everything, I spent an entire day just clearing out the s**t, cleaning, and getting things back to the way they should be. And something else happened, I remembered that this was why we made the sacrifice for me to work very part time and be home. I guess it wasn’t that I remembered, I’d been pushing it to the back of my mind for a while, but for some reason, this day really drove it home. Anyway, the sacrifice isn’t just for me to clean and be June Cleaver, but to take care of our home and spend time with our child and do that whole mother/wife thing. Everything else needed to be lower on the priority list. My husband works very hard so that I can have the opportunity to stay home with our daughter, and I feel like the least I can do is be a semi-decent homemaker (and for the record, I LOVE that role–you’re entitled to your opinion if it’s different than mine) and the mom I really want to be. Other people gracefully juggle it all, but I am not one of those people. I was busting my ass to pull posts together all the time and everything else was sort of suffering. And really, for what? Back in the days when I was a just a reader and not a blogger, I remember rolling my eyes when bloggers would talk about what hard work it all is. I’m here to tell you, it’s fun to work at something you love, but that doesn’t make it any less work and the pay is usually pretty crappy ;)

So, for the last month-ish, I’ve sort of just put the blogging thing on the back burner and done the things I’d been feeling guilty about putting off: daily housework, yard work, trips to the zoo and the reservoir by our house, I even finished a book!! I can’t even tell you the last time that happened (and it’s a good one in case you need a good summer read). Oh! And major development: I have been going back to the GYM!!! What? And I actually look forward to it. Which is a WHOLE NEW thing for me.


Basically, I’ve just been doing that mom/wife thing, and guess what? It’s like a million pound load has been lifted off of my shoulders. When the opportunity arises to take my daughter somewhere, or just spend some time together, my goal has been to “just say yes,” right off the bat. No running through lists of the 30o things I “need” to get done today. It’s been SO liberating. This may seem like small potatoes to some, but it’s an area I’ve had major guilt about lately because, quite frankly, I felt like I was MAJORLY sucking at the mom thing. Why do we as moms let so many trivial things stop us from doing the fun stuff? The memory stuff? Discussion for another day.



Anyway, back to the point of this whole novel of a post is basically just to say, I’m still around, I still love blogging (I hope the above didn’t imply otherwise), I’m not going anywhere, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to do it my way and I’m going to change a few things around here. Posting often, and even regularly, just isn’t something I can put at the top of my priority list right now. Regular posting is one of those “Blogger 101″ things you learn early on is important, but most nights, I put the little one to bed and I just want to sit down and watch Sons of Anarchy (you guys, I’m SO sucked in right now) and spend time with my husband, without getting the computer out. So, with that said, one of the changes you’ll notice around here (maybe the only really noticeable one) is that I’ll be giving up the weekly link party with my bloggy BFF Live Laugh Rowe. She is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to having her blogging stuff together and I just am so not. I don’t feel like I can give the link party the attention and dedication that it deserves, so I’m bowing out of that one so that it does the attention and dedication that it deserves. I mentioned a while back, that I want to broaden the focus around here–more of the real life stuff, mom stuff, mixed in with all of the projects, so, I’ll be mixing more of that in too–when I post, which may be infrequently for a while. Long story short, today will be my last link party and the plan right now is to sort of take the summer off, or at least a step back, and sort of just post whatever I’m feelin’, when I’m feelin’ it and enjoy the summer with my family and friends. And that’s about the gist of it all :) I hope you all have an amazing Summer (and I’m sure I’ll pop in soon–too hard to stay away ;) )

Oh, and of course, I couldn’t do my last link party without at least sharing my pick of the week!

Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer | The Casual Craftlete

Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer | The Casual Craftlete

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  1. Katie @ The Casual Craftlete says

    Hey Jenn, thanks for being so real! So sorry for all the hard family stuff. Sometimes life sucks for no rhythm or reason. I’m happy you have found a new balance of life’s hard work. I feel like you do with trying to juggle being a wife, mother, blogger ect. I almost didn’t take my daughter swimming yesterday because I ‘needed’ to work on a blog post. I hope this little break rejuvenates you. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Oh, and thank you for the feature! xo

    • says

      Girl, you are a rockstar! I have actually told Kelly that you can bust out beautiful projects like nobody’s business :D I’m amazed at what you do!! Thanks for your kind words <3

  2. says

    Thanks so much for the party !
    I SO get where you’re coming from and understand completely – you have a wonderful summer with your family
    ( and I’m sorry to hear of your Grandfather’s passing )

  3. Amy @ Delineate Your Dwelling says

    I’ve been thinking about you every so often… where is Jenn? I’m so sorry to hear about all the life craziness going on for you. And I’m right there with you on thinking is this worth it? I LOVE creating and blogging but there just never seems to be enough time in the day to do it all. Bravo for taking a step back for a bit while you get a life breather!

  4. says

    Thank you for being so honest. I like blogging too and as I started looking into getting money for it, something I have never done, I got a major headache. I knew it should be easy to do buts don’t have many readers and then I started stressing out. So I quit researching it and realized, again, that blogging is just fun for me. I may or may not post because I’m a mom on summer vacation (full time teacher August – June), with two young kids and a house to manage. It’s hard work. So good for you to acknowledge needing to focus on what’s important – your family.

  5. says

    This is my first time here, and I enjoyed reading your post! In all honesty, blogging shouldn’t be about blogging something everyday, it should be writing about what we are passionate about, and you have done just that! I’ve read bloggers that only post 3 or 4 times a month, and they have this loyal readership that is endeared to them because of how passionate they write on their ‘niche’! My children are older now, (I can’t believe my son will be 15), I can say…time flies, and your children are only young once, enjoy those moments making memories with them! Like housework, blog posts can wait! Have a fun holiday weekend!

  6. says

    Hey, I like your honestly. When I was staying home with the boys, I too was trying to get started on this whole blogging thing, enjoying it and thinking I could make some easy money. I just get so lost in the technology of it all. I went back to work full time (Daddy is home with the 7 and 10 year old) and honestly, make more working my field. I noticed the Giants game. I work in SF, live a few cities away.

    Hang in there, when they are little, every 6 months is a new season and you may not be able to do much blogging now, but it might be different in 6 months. That’s the roller coaster Mom’s ride!

    • says

      Exactly how I have been feeling! And yes, we are HUGE GIANTS fans! We have family that lives in Eastbay :D I’m so jealous you live so close! And thank you so much for your encouraging words!!

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