Thanksgiving Kids Table & Free Printable Place Mats

I know it’s been all about the Thanksgiving table around here this week, but I’ve got one more for you: the kids table. It’s part of the Thanksgiving tradition, right? I wanted to make some placemats that still fit in with a pretty Thanksgiving table, but were fun and interactive for the kids and that keep them entertained–because let’s be honest, it’s all about keeping them entertained so the grown-ups can chat and relax–or is that just me? In any case, I have to say, I LOVE these! (Pats myself on the back.) I wasn’t sure if these were one of those lame mom ideas that I think is cool and then the kids are like “meh,” but as soon as my six year old saw these, she hung one on the door and played for a good hour dressing up the turkey, so I’ll consider that a success. And while we’re on that subject, is it totally weird that we celebrate the thing that we’re eating? Turkeys everywhere, including on my dinner plate ;) Random thoughts after you’ve been staring at turkeys for hours.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat

Anywho, I did a really simple table setting and you know, simple is really just my favorite. I want to sit at this table, so maybe I’ll let one of the kids graduate to the grown-up table this year ;)

Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas

My original plan was to just do a vintage turkey on one side and let the kids write what they were thankful for, you know, classic Thanksgiving stuff, but the turkey was looking like he needed a little flare, so I’ve got some fun stuff the kids can use to make sure that their turkey does Thanksgiving with style ;) If you don’t want to cut these out, you could just buy some stickers at the craft store. (Blue turkey is courtesy of Graphics Fairy.)

Free Kids Thanksgiving Placemat Printables

For the place settings, I used some super inexpensive Ikea tea towels as napkins (these would be awesome for the adults too), a clementine with their name on it (just use a Sharpie), and sprigs off of my backyard tree–the same ones I used for the adult table. Then little Mason jars for glasses, and since the kids were going to be playing with the placemats, I just put the silverware in the glass rather than set it around the plate. Oh! And a pencil so they can fill in the “thankful” part.

Free Printable Kids Thanksgiving Placemats

For the centerpiece, I used my big white turkey that I got at Target a couple of years ago, and since it’s the kids table, he needed a little party hat (for the record, my daughter thought it was hilarious–another win for mom!). Just a triangle cut out of scrapbook paper, wrapped and taped into a hat, and a feather stuck down the middle. Also, some crayons and markers so the kids can get creative with their place mats. Keep ‘em entertained, that’s the name of the game!

Kids Table Thanksgiving

I don’t know why, but this party hat gives me a real Shriner’s vibe. Maybe he’s a charitable turkey. Whatever his story is, I can’t get enough of his tiny little party hat ;)

Kids Table Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Kids Table

There are two versions of the placemat. Enjoy! Links to download both placemats and the “flare” are below.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Place Mat for Kids

These are printed on 11×17, so if you want them large like this, you can take them to your local copy center and have them done (I don’t think most home printers will print that large), so you can print them legal sized at home.

Blue Turkey Placemat

Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat 11×17
Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat 8.5×14

Brown Turkey Placemat

Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat 11×17
Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat 8.5×14

Download Embellishments

Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat Embellishments 11×17
Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat Embellishments 8.5×14

Thanksgiving Kids Table and Free Printable Placemats


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    I cannot download these printables. I was prompted to download Box, but when I try to click the link to download, I get an error saying ‘You Cannot Perform This Action’

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