Metallic Dipped Serving Utensils

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Going to someone else’s house?  Either way, someone is probably going to be scraping their drawers for extra serving and prep utensils for the big meal.  I’ll be heading over to my sister’s house this year, so since I’m getting out of all of the work, I thought I’d make her some of my paint dipped utensils, but this time in mixed metal finishes–perfect colors for fall and Thanksgiving. (Have you noticed I have a thing for mixed metal lately?)  If you’re the one hosting, make some for yourself in colors to match your table.  It literally takes about 15 minutes + paint dry time.
As always, they were really cheap and really easy.

I picked up my utensils at IKEA for about $1 or $2 for a package of three.

I used copper, gold, and silver spray paint that I already had lying around the garage.  You can find the full directions for making them here, but I have a few updates:

1. I used higher quality utensils on the previous project, so if you are going to use the IKEA ones, I would recommend a light sanding of the handles first or the spray paint won’t go on smooth.
2. Since I spray painted this time, I obviously taped off everything that I didn’t want painted.
3. In the original project, I used polyurethane to give them a shiny finish.  The poly has stood up to the dishwasher and even leaning against a hot pan, however, on the light colored utensils, it will yellow, so I would recommend using something else (maybe a food safe varnish or a clear coat spray paint) on lighter colors.  I didn’t use anything to finish these ones for a few reasons: they’re metallic, so they’re shiny enough on their own, and the wood is softer, so they probably need to be hand washed anyway, and there’s the yellowing factor that I just mentioned.

So take a quick 15 minutes and help yourself or your hostess out this year.  If you make some of these I’d love to see them!  Where are you spending Thanksgiving this year? Are you hosting?

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