Thanksgiving Chalkboards

I’m busy getting all things Fabuless Christmas ready {coming next week} and it happens to be my 30th birthday on Friday {which I have mixed emotions about}and the husband has planned a little celebration trip which I’m getting ready for, anyway, I thought I’d stop by with one last quick Thanksgiving post before all of the Christmas-ing begins.

It’s no secret that I LOVE chalkboards, so I today I’m sharing my Thanksgiving chalkboards from around my house.  There’s no real tutorial to go along with this because my method is really technical.  Are you ready for it?  I pull up a picture of the font or inspiration chalkboard on the computer and just sort of eyeball it and freehand it.  I just keep adding shading on the letters and “decorations” until I get the look I like.  I can say, there’s a lot of erasing involved.  I will leave you with one tip though: IKEA chalk ROCKS and is by far my favorite {super soft}!  It’s in the kids section with the art supplies.

I love that chalkboards are so changeable and mine happen to both be visible right when you walk in the front door, so it’s a perfect opportunity to sort of set the tone of your home right as someone walks in.

{Please ignore the cheap light fixture and blinds on the door–they’re on the very long to do list–I really believe that Hell is lined with builders grade.}

For more chalk board inspiration and tutorials, you can find my Pinterest board dedicated to them here.


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