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Can it be true?!! Summer weather seems to finally be here to stay. At our house, we LIVE for Summer, so when we have three consecutive days of 80 degree + weather, it’s call for a celebration! This past weekend we had a little “Hello Summer” party, which basically means that we got out the wading pool and the lawn chairs and spent some quality time in the backyard soaking up the sun, grilling, enjoying the company of friends and family and of course summer treats.

I picked up some of these Fruttare bars at Target in Strawberry and Coconut and decided to dress them up a little for the festivities. They have plain fruit bars too (without the milk) that come in lots of awesome flavors like Mango, Pineapple, Lime, Black Cherry…I could go on. These ones are like a milkshake on a stick and the Coconut is INSANE!!! They’re gone almost as soon as I can get them in the freezer.

Party favors don’t have to mean a lot of work or fuss. I love to make my parties memorable no matter how big or small, but I also want to enjoy the party instead of spending all day slaving away on the details, so I wrapped the fruit bars in some wax paper, tied it up at the base of the stick with some ribbon, and then taped a little “Chill Out” tag that I created (download is at the end of this post) to the stick with some washi tape. To keep them chilled until we were ready to eat them, I just stuck them in a little bucket of ice. Ten minutes, and some frozen treats you can buy at your local store, and you’ve got a fun, adorable party favor.

Then, the best part: we headed out to enjoy the weather and cool off with a little of this frozen deliciousness! The kids loved them, the grown-ups loved them, it was a hit all around and the perfect way to cool off, or shall I say, chill out?
I’ve created the tags in two different sizes and a full size download printable up to 11×14 so all of your summer party needs are covered.
Printables are for personal use only. If you love them, use them, or just think they’re plain awesome, please show a little love by following via e-mail/rss/social media or sharing on social media.


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