Storybook Baby Shower

Happy Monday! I’m finally back to regular posting this week and I’m so excited to share this little Storybook Baby Shower that my sister and I hosted for my cousin over the weekend! This has long been one of my very favorite baby shower themes, so when my cousin requested it, let’s just say that I was more than happy to oblige!

storybook baby shower

I tend to really stress myself out when it comes to parties, with about a million and one DIY ideas and by the time the party rolls around, I’m too exhausted to enjoy it. What’s the point of that?! I’ve learned that simple works just as well as over-the-top and it makes it so much more enjoyable! So that was the name of the game. Sweet and simple!

I created the invitations, and along with the invitation, we sent a library card bookplate and card pocket for guests to include a little sentiment or wish in their book for the mom-to-be. A free printable version of the invitation, along with the insert and library card bookplate are available HERE!

Storybook Baby Shower Ideas |

We set up a desk to greet guests and then hit up my vintage book hoard for a little vignette. We added some flowers, a framed copy of the invitation, and a few extra cards and pockets for anyone who forgot. Then I slid out one of the drawers a bit so guests could place the books in when they arrived.

storybook theme baby shower

Storybook Baby Shower Ideas |

For the food, we did a little soup bar and salad (including one of my favorite soups EVER). And you can see, the name of the simple decoration game around here, was books and flowers. And confession: I still haven’t put a lot of it away. I could stare at books and flowers all day!

Storybook Baby Shower Ideas |


Storybook Baby Shower Ideas |

Dessert came together on a total whim and was a total hit. We ended up in sort of a bind with dessert, so I just bought mini-cream puffs from Costco (yep, Costco–no fancy bakery stuff for this girl) and then set out toppings: fudge, salted caramel, homemade raspberry jam, and berry pie filling, with some appetizer picks for dipping. Let’s just say that by the time everyone left, 110 cream puffs had completely disappeared :D The easiest dessert ever and definitely my new go-to.

Storybook Baby Shower Ideas |




  1. Amy W says

    Well, I’m ready to have another baby so you can throw me another book baby shower! So so cute! PS – I am NOT having any more babies, just an FYI. =)

  2. Shelly says

    It was an amazing shower. The food was delicious yet simple. I will be making the soups this week! The invitations and bookplate inspired the guests to contribute to the baby’s book collection. The decor was simply elegant. Well Done!

  3. latisha says

    This is a wonderful baby shower idea! I am currently trying to make my own invitations and I was wondering how you went about making yours?

  4. Megan says

    I am trying to use pic monkey and would like to add some wording to the little insert that tells to bring a card instead of book….how can I erase the words that are there and add my own?

  5. says

    My niece found these, so we will be using this for her first baby shower….thanks so much to allow for the free download and usage….great idea of giving vintage books or even new ones to be read for bedtime or when they are old enough to read and hopefully hold on too.

  6. Kassondra says

    I am trying to edit the invitations to add my name/party details etc and having some issues! What program do you recommend to add the text to the invites? Also what are the fonts used on the invitations? Thanks!

    • says

      They were originally created to just handwrite your information in, but if you would like to add text, I would just recommend PicMonkey. The fonts are purchased from a design website, but “Print Clearly” is a good one to use if you’re in PicMonkey. I believe it’s one of their free ones.

  7. Julie Bryson says

    Hi and I’m a teacher prepping a shower for a colleague –I love this idea!!! However, I only need the one invitation to hang up in the lounge/office area for our staff to know the information. I would like it to be more like the one in your frame so she can save it? It there a way for me to get an editable version?? THank you so much for you r help and consideration in this venture!! Teachers have be cheap – sorry but thought Id at least ask??

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