Spring “Undecorating”

Today I’m joining up with some of my favorite blogging friends to bring you a different kind of Spring Home Tour: A Spring Simplicity Home Tour. Simple ways to spruce up your home for the season. If you’re coming over from Erin Spain, welcome!

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.com

You know I like to keep things real around here, so I have a little confession: I have been in a MAJOR house funk since the first of the year. And the funk sort of just keeps getting deeper, rather than better. I always hesitate to say things like that, because I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the things I have, especially when I’m about to give you my best-foot-forward pics of my house. But you know those times when you just look around and you’re like, “meh”. I’m just going out on a limb and assuming I’m not the only one. Our house is getting older, and it’s humble, and some days it just seems like there’s SO much that needs to be done. Queue the song, “If I Had A Million Dollars,” right? Which, for the record, I don’t. Anyway, we’ve got some stuff planned for the house this year, but other projects have come up as they tend to do, and I’ve just been in one of those ruts where you’re kind of waiting for your budget to catch up with all of your plans.

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.com

All that to say, rather than go out and buy new things for Spring, which can be hard when the stores are full of all of those bright, cheery, Spring things, I decided to undecorate. As I’ve looked around my house the last few months, I realized that I think part of my “funk,” was due to all of the stuff I just seemed to have accumulated. Not like junk, but even the decor on the walls was starting to feel like it was closing in on me and was overwhelming. So…I started clearing it out. And my word, what a difference minimizing the stuff makes. I did buy flowers. Because who can resist flowers? Especially when the weather is doing the 60’s one day, 30’s the next sort of thing. AmIRight?

Spring-Home-Tour-Spring-Dining-Room MyFabulessLife.com

I’ve actually been spending most of my time clearing out my office (the whole room is now empty!!!), but that story is coming soon. Next, the dining room. It’s a small space that’s really more of a breakfast nook, so the stuff on the walls was just starting to feel cluttered next to the kitchen. So, I took it all down and hung one big mirror. It took me a little bit to get used to it because it feels so sparse, but I really love it. You can see what it looked like before, here.

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.com

Next I hit the hall shelves. We built these last summer for my sand collection and I’ve loved them, but they’ve felt cluttered. I felt like I just couldn’t get them right. So I paired them down, and even got rid of some of the sentimental stuff (some of the hardest to part with, right?) and finally got them looking more organized and cohesive.

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.com

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.com

And then there’s my favorite way to change things up: rearrange the furniture and actually change things up. I pulled some of the extra things out of the living room, moved some chairs and end tables around, took out the heavier velvet pillows from winter, and opened things up a little bit. I’m still feeling like it needs a little more something, but all in due time, all in due time…

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.com

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.com

The shells have come back out from their winter hibernation, because what adds that warm weather feeling better than shells and greens?!

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.comI have to say, this method of Spring Decorating feels so good, it might just be my new favorite method. Between editing the decor and hauling out about 40 bags of junk in the last few weeks, I think I’m coming out of the funk. Things feel so much more fresh and open, lighter and brighter. That Spring feeling has officially arrived at our house. Thanks for stopping by, and if you’re feeling that funk, try clearing it out instead of bringing more in. It might just change the way you feel about your house!! And now I’m thrilled to send you over to Emily’s house at The Wicker House–one of my favorite houses in all of blogland. Thanks so much for stopping by! And be sure to catch all of the other stops on the tour (below).


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Spring Seasonal Simplicity

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    Beautiful! Welcoming, warm, such a pretty mix of white and neutrals with fresh touches. Gorgeous tour! (Sorry it took me so long to get here, we left for a spring break vacation last Friday early and just arrived home!)

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