What is it about Spring that just makes you want to simplify? It seems like every year, I gather, gather… gather…think I have my house just the way I want it…and then Spring hits, and I feel the need to get rid of half of it and go simple, clean, and bright! It started with Adelie’s bedroom, then the laundry room (which I’m so excited to show you next week), and now my entry way. 

The whole thing sort of took shape around this “HELLO” sign. I’m in love with the “Plus One” line from Amy Tangerine (which is being released on HSN on March 24th). If you think scrapbook supplies are just for scrapbooking, think again. Scrapbook supplies are one of my favorite resources for home decor on the cheap. The bright colors and bold prints are perfect for Spring, and I see lots of Instagram projects (you know, my favorite obsession) in my future with the adorable little clips, and embellishments, and cutest little baby washi tapes you’ve ever seen. Yes, each one of those is a little baby tape, it’s not one roll.
For this project, I used the embroidery kit that already came with perfectly color-coordinated flosses. If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a sewer–as in sewing, not sewer, the thing in the street, though I’m obviously not that either. Anyway, this was right up my alley because I just had to choose which flosses to use and which order to put them in, which if you know me, can be a huge feat in itself.  
I just poked my holes in my paper using the poker and the mat that the set came with, and then played connect the dots with my needle and thread. 
That’s it! Even my four year old could do it. And everybody that comes in my house gets a bright, little “HELLO” first thing. There’s so much awesome stuff in this line, which would explain why it was the best selling line for Winter 2014 and is sold out almost everywhere. 

HSN will have five discounted bundles available on March 24th starting at less than 20 bucks, including the embroidery kit bundle, and the impossible to find (because it’s sold out everywhere) Project Life Kit. I’ll be showing you how I made even more simple art with this line (aka how I framed some of the awesome paper and hung it on the wall) in my laundry room next week!

This project post is a part of a paid marketing campaign with Snap. Although this post is sponsored the project idea and all opinions expressed are my own. 


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