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I am so excited to be teaming up again today with lots of my talented friends today for another round of Seasonal Simplicity Home Tours. Thank you to Krista and April for putting in all the work to host another round tours. I’m the first stop on today’s tour, but I’m heading up the end of week full of inspiration, so be sure to click around and take a look at all of the other beautiful Summer decor ideas that these ladies have shared this week, and you can check out yesterday’s last stop, Robb Restyle–she has such a fun, eclectic, colorful backyard space. You won’t want to mis it.


So, let’s start with a confession: I love this Seasonal Simplicity series, because it’s all about simple ideas for your home, not the usual full-blown, Pinterest makeover/home tour, BUT, I almost pulled myself out of this one because my house hasn’t changed much since Spring. With a new baby on the way (there seems to be so much to buy when you haven’t had one in eight years), saving for some of the bigger, more costly projects we’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years, and a few summer vacations we’ve got planned, we’ve really buckled down on our budget over the last few months, which means no new pillows, throws, or new accessories (gasp! #firstworldproblems, I know). True story: Target had their outdoor cushions 75% off when I went in last Sunday and I walked around the store with them in my cart for like AN HOUR trying to decide whether I should just buy them because they were so cheap, or hold off because we have plans for new furniture anyway. It was a big personal win when I had the willpower to put the $45 worth of cushions back. Is that ridiculous? But I find myself spending $30 here, $50 there for the “quick fix” and putting off the bigger purchases that I really want, when I could just save a few of those “nickel and dime” trips and buy the big thing I really want anyway.


So today, rather than a tour of all of the Summer rooms in our home, because let’s be honest, summer decor at our house mostly consists of swim suits and towels hanging around to dry, and messes that get left right where they are while we head out to the pool, today I’m sharing one of our favorite spots to hang in the summertime: the patio. Usually there are a lot of margaritas going on out here, but there’s that whole pregnancy thing this summer, so this year, it’s a lot of La Croix going on.

We have a pretty small backyard and we’re awfully close to our neighbors (as you can see) so we’ve put a lot of effort in over the last couple of years planting trees to create some privacy, and then last year, we really put some work in and added onto the patio and built a privacy trellis. It’s made a space actually feels pretty private and relaxing and we spend most of our evenings out here just sitting and chatting. You can see it’s very humble beginnings here.


We had some sprinkler issues at the beginning of the summer that basically created a quicksand situation and sunk parts of our patio that we had put HOURS of work into last year (and the year before), so we decided to pull out the pavers this year and replace them with a pea gravel border/extension to the patio. And BLESS, BLESS, BLESS my husband who literally carried all of this gravel from the driveway to the backyard by the 10 gallon bucket-load! Our sideyard is so small that we can’t fit a wheelbarrow through the gate, so in it came by the bucket-full. Anyway, the pea gravel has proven to be an awesome solution that we really love and it cost about $100 to add on to our patio (WAY cheaper than pavers or cement). Other than that, I shopped the house to freshen things up this year and planted some flowers and that was about it. Simple and budget-friendly.

Our outdoor furniture had seen better days, but we’re saving our pennies for a nice outdoor sectional set out here, so I didn’t want to buy anything new that was just going to be temporary. It also just so happens that I’ve been wanting to change up our dining room table situation inside and this gave me the perfect excuse, so I brought our dining table and bench outside and moved another one I had in the basement up to the dining room (sometimes the furniture hoard pays off). I’m actually liking the new setup so much that it may just change the plans for the sectional thing out here–we shall see.


It’s a pretty simple space, but one that gets lots of love and use and I’m finding more and more these days that the simpler the space the more I actually enjoy spending time there. Now I get to send you off to the talented Laura at The Turquoise Home. Thank you so much for stopping by our humble little abode today!

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Seasonal Simplicity Summer Home Tours

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  1. Julie Holland says

    Beautiful! I feel your pain with the small side yard… we invested in a hand cart. That and a five gallon Home Depot bucket has moved a ton of stuff from front to back with a lot less effort:). Best $40 ever spent!

    • says

      Oh my gosh! I’m having such a duh moment! How did we not think of that?!! You win the day because that is now on my list for my next trip to Home Depot!!

  2. says

    I LOVE the pea gravel! We just put a little pea gravel patio in as well, glad we didn’t have to carry it by the bucket! Eek! What a good man:) I also love that wooden privacy screen – so pretty!

    • says

      Thank you! They are such an awesome solution, I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner (but we’re definitely not doing another one again any time soon).

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