Simple Mother’s Day Gift Idea And Free Printable Tags

So, it’s May. WHAT?!!! I swear this year is flying by. And I can’t believe Mother’s Day is already this Sunday. If you’re like me and it’s just sort of crept up on you, I’ve got a Simple Mother’s Day Gift Idea & And Free Printable Tags to tell mom how awesome you think she is.

Free Printable Mothers Day Gift Tags

When it comes to Mother’s Day, I’m pretty darn easy. I’m not a big, fancy gifts type of gal. In fact, my gift for the second year running will be going to a baseball game and hanging out in the sun with a cold beer in my hand. It’s my heaven. Hang out with me, tell me I’m pretty awesome, and we’re golden. But who doesn’t love a little token of appreciation right? One of my favorites is a cute plant, or herbs for my kitchen, in a cute pot, that I can look at all year. I tried to come up with some cutesy little “flower-themed” sayings to go with these like, “mothers are the flowers of life”–what does that even mean? I don’t know, it’s what popped in my head–did I make that up? Or, “Thanks for helping me grow,” “moms are the spice of life,”–let’s just say, I’m not running off to become a greeting card writer any time soon. But then I thought, you know what?  Why not just add a tag with a nice little quote to tell mom how amazing you think she is. Cute plant, nice sentiment to tell mom she’s awesome–simple, thoughtful, pretty. That checks all of my boxes. Bonus box checked if this includes a bottle of wine–just sayin’.

Mothers Day Flowers and Free Printable Gift Tags

I put together some of my favorite quotes, some specific to moms, some not so specific, for those special ladies in your life that maybe aren’t your mom, but deserve a little recognition, and even a funny one and a fill-in-the-blank sort of option. You can see all of the tags at the end of the post.

Simple Mothers Day Gift and Free Printable Gift Tags

I just grabbed some inexpensive pots (sources linked at the end of the post), tied some twine around them and attached the tag. You could even glue the tag to a little wood skewer and stand it up in the pot if you want. And think outside the “common pot” box. Cute coffee cups, vintage tea cups, a cute bowl for a couple of different types of herbs…all awesome pot options that will look fab sitting on mom’s counter, or dresser, or table. You know, wherever she likes to keep flowers.

Simple Mother's Day Gift

You can click the link below to download the tags. And Happy Mother’s Day!!

Download Mother’s Day TagsFree Printable Mothers Day Tags

White Measuring Cup – World Market
Galvanized Pot with Rope Handles – Target (in store) Similar here
Galvanized Tin Pot – Ikea



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