Halloween’s in the house! I have to say, I’m not one of those people that LOVES Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a holiday, and you know I love an excuse to change out a little decor and get festive, except for the costume part–sooo not a costume person. Oh, and that whole glitter explosion at Halloween time is pretty appealing to me too — Oooo shiny things!! Anyway, I pulled out my box of Halloween decorations this year, yes, I actually only have one (although it’s large) and picked a few things to put up on my table in my entryway, and called it good. The box is still sitting in my living room though, so maybe I can count that as decorating the living room too??? I mean, the lid’s still off, so you can see what’s inside.

halloween vignette - my fabuless life

I made the rag garland and pom pom garlands last year, and I’m still sort of in love with them, so they made it out of the box, along with a Trick or Treat sign I made a few years ago, and my favorite glittery black pumpkins (from Hobby Lobby). Those two little pumpkins are probably my favorite piece of Halloween decor I own. They just make me happy.

halloween garlands

The dollar store had some AWESOME Halloween stuff this year, like these black birds (looovvvee them), glitter skulls, and the the spider web place mat (in the first picture).  And you know the disco balls weren’t going anywhere. I changed out the feathers from my fall decor for some black ones (from Hobby Lobby, like $2.00/bag) in a candle holder from Target (fill it with beans to stand the feathers up).

Halloween mantel ideas

I left my embroidery hoops with my Grandma’s doilies, and added another one with some fabric I used in my hoops last year. I had visions of spiders crawling up the lace, sort of like fabulous spider webs, but I couldn’t find my plastic spiders and really have just been too lazy to run back to the dollar store for a bag of spiders, #RealLife, so use your imagination ;)

halloween decor ideas

A few of my favorite books to throw in a little color, and my Halloween countdown and that’s all she wrote!

orange and turquoise Halloween decor

Are you a big Halloween decorator? Am I the only person that hates the whole costume thing? Please tell me I’m not!


  1. Deana says

    Very Pretty! I especially love the tray and the gold arrow! I kept looking at the letterpress trays and keep thinking I need to find a place for one. Do you know where I could find a gold arrow like yours?

  2. Jessica Ankenbauer says

    I am not a fan of Halloween and I hate dressing up LOL ;) Not my cup of tea either! I am in love with your arrow and your decor! I save every email you send out in my “Jenn folder” Love ya girl!

  3. beth says

    so cute and especially love the rag garland. have put off making one (for no particular reason…other than a bit lazy i guess!) but you have convinced me to dive in and start tearing!! i actually have a black checked shirt in the goodwill bag that just might be perfect!! thanks for sharing!

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