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Easy, Budget Kitchen and Dining Room Updates

Easy, Budget-Friendly Kitchen and Dining Room Updates Anyone Can Do |

Today I thought we’d take a little trip back in time. Every once in a while (or maybe like at least once a week), I’ll be perusing Instagram or Pinterest and get a little bit discouraged about the state of my house. I start falling into that trap of internet inadequacy and comparing my stuff…

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How to Maximize Storage in a Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Solutions

Woah, is it Thursday already?!! Oh wait, no, it’s Wednesday–holiday week’s got me like ?????. In any case, where did this week (or month for that matter) go? I swear I am SO done with winter!! My whole family has been sick again for what feels like the 3,000th time since Christmas and I’m just D.O.N.E. Who…

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Summer Tour of Homes

Summer Tour Of Homes | My Fabuless Life

I’m so thrilled that Gina has asked me back for another year of fabulous tours on her Summer Tour of Homes. If you’re coming over from Organizing Made Fun or any of the other beautiful homes on the tour and it’s your first time here, let me just give you a big warm welcome and…

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Living Room Changes

Light and Bright living room transformation. See how a few inexpensive pieces completely transformed this space! |

Well, enough talking about it today is the day I get to show off the changes that have been happening in my living room! Ever since our big renovation two years ago, this main living space of ours has been top on my priority list to finally get looking the way I want. But like everything…

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Favorites on Friday | A New Series

Favorites on Friday | Favorite finds from the week from

So, every week as I’m wasting time perusing Pinterest, my favorite blogs, or just, you know, just wherever, I come across these things that I just want to shout from the rooftops: “THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!!” But, my neighbors would probably think I was cray-cray. Actually, it’s pretty safe to say that…

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