Renovation Realities – Yep, It’s A Lot Like The Show

Do you watch Renovation Realities?  I’m proud to report I have yet to go into crazy bitch mode (anyone else ever amazed at how rude and demanding some of those women are?  Not that I’m judging.), and things are actually going pretty smoothly–none of those really stupid faux pas–I know you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I do feel like it’s taking FOREVER and I’m sort of in hell right now.  This hell to be exact:

Your eyes do not deceive you.  That is, in fact my toilet in my living room.  Classy.
Any of you organizing pros, avert your eyes here.  I have limited cupboard space, and organizing it is obviously not my strong suit.

There were a few highlights this weekend, like my tile that I am SO IN LOVE WITH! My husband would probably tell you this was the low-light of the weekend–not fun work.

And my dad and my little brother ROCK for coming and helping.

Basically the point of this little rant and picture show is that I don’t think I’ll be around here much this week.  I’ve got a fun project over at Craftaholics Anonymous on Friday, but other than that, I’ll probably be hanging out in the Instagram world until next weekend when everything finally starts to get back in order. Catch ya on the flip side ;)


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    Oh my goodness I SO know how you are feeling! We are doing the same thing in our house, the sad part is that it is going to take months to finish so no light at the end of our tunnel for awhile… but when I get to see my pretty tile going in I KNOW I will be glad that we decided to do it!!

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