Renovation: Stick A Fork In It, We’re DONE!

Just a quick check-in before I resume regular posting next week.  This post should actually be titled: My Husband Must Really Love Me & A Growing List of Things I NEVER Want to Do Again (but probably will), but that title is really long and actually sounds a little personal and disturbing if you don’t know that it’s in the context of a renovation.  After a little more than four weeks, we are inches away from the finish line, so in true Jenn-fashion, I’m just stamping it “finished”–who needs baseboards, right?  (We’re actually doing them this weekend, but compared to the hill we’ve climbed, it’s NOTHING.)

Let me just give my Academy speech here and say, I’d like to thank my dad and my brother for sacrificing two weekends of their life and their back and knees. My aunt and grandma who fed us. My sister who cleaned my house because I was too lazy and my house sends her OCD through the roof. And to my Instagram friends who listened to me bitch and moan about a project I got myself into. And most of all, my husband who not only puts up with my craziness, but allows it to flourish by doing these crazy things I talk him into, and may never be able to move again.  Without all of them, this would not have been possible.

We were looking back at pictures the other day and my husband says just looking at these totally stresses him out.

I would have to agree, and it’s already hard to believe that we were living in that–number two on my “never again” list, second only to PAINTING CABINETS.  Holy job from hell!  Definitely worth it, but painstaking (I’ll post about it soon).

So, of course, on Saturday when the floors started going in and the end was in sight, some serious happy dancing was in order.  And thank you in advance for not judging my lovely outfit.

And I wasn’t the only one happy dancing.  Someone realized she had a giant new “stage” for ballet performances.

I’ve obviously got lots to post about now that we’re done, so I’ll be back soon with the full rundown.


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