Quick Furniture-Moving Tip

I was working on putting together my office/guest bedroom this weekend, which involved moving some very heavy bookshelves–the weight could have been due partly to the fact that I was too lazy to clean them off before I moved them, but it was heavy nonetheless.  Anyway, I find myself moving a lot of heavy furniture pieces by myself since I usually do my projects while my husband is out.  So here’s one of my favorite tricks for moving large pieces (or pieces you’re too lazy to clean out first, like me).

Magazines!  Maybe I’m the last one to know about it, but it was a brilliant tip from my aunt that has possibly changed my life.  Furniture that weighs a ton, or what feels like a ton, glides across carpet like it’s nothing.  I don’t think it would necessarily work on hard surfaces like wood and tile, but when I move stuff across tile, I usually work a towel or sheet under it and then just drag it–probably not a good idea for tall stuff that will tip, obviously. 

The next step for this shelf is obviously painting and organizing–and no, I don’t know why there’s a tube of toothpaste in my office–but for now, just getting it into place was progress enough for me.


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