Pretty Little Conversation Hearts

Just dropping in with another little simple something to add to your Valentine’s decor.  I have to admit that these sayings were not exactly what I wanted, but it would seem that a vowel thief sneaked off with the “E” from my stamps, which makes it extremely difficult to spell words like “Be Mine” or “Valentine” or “Love….”  It was sort of staggering actually to think of how many words I couldn’t spell (and I’m now mindful of every single “e” as I type this.)  So I got creative and decided they’re still less cheesy than the “text me” crap that’s printed on conversation hearts nowadays.  Does it bother anyone else that they’re also in text lingo?  SPELL A FREAKING WORD!! I’m one of those English nerds that cannot bring myself to shorten words to a single letter–it gives me the chills every time I have to do it to make tweet work.  Anyway, back down off the soap box, wouldn’t you know, I found the missing stamp on the floor, on the other side of the coffee table from where I was sitting as soon as I got up.  But…who wants to redo the project?  So here they are.

I’ve actually gotten too lazy to even drag out my Cricut lately, so I traced these from a cookie cutter, cut them by hand, stamped them, and stuck them on a skewer. I cut the skewers to different lengths to vary their heights in the vase.
I embellished an old jar with some lace, gold and white bakers twine, a button, and a pin, and DONE.
Are you sick of Valentine’s around here already?  I promise some non-holiday posts are coming.
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    How cute! (…and I’m totally with you on the degradation of the English language today… the constant mix-up between their and there, the misplaced apostrophes to create the posessive instead of plural… it makes my teeth hurt. Literally ;-) )

  2. says

    These are fabulous! I wasn’t expecting them to be so easy to make – even better! What exactly is your filler? Looks cute but I can’t figure out what it is!

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