It’s been all about inexpensive, handmade Mother’s Day gifts around here the last few days and today I’m back with another one for you that I absolutely love. Potted succulents using jars you probably already have around the house. These amazingly beautiful gifts for mom that will last forever and cost less than $5.00 each.

When I think about gifts for Mother’s Day, flowers are always one of the first things that pop in my mind. BUUUTTT, I have such a hard time spending insane amounts of money on flowers that are just going to die in like a week. I also love gifts that remind mom how much they’re loved for more than just a few days. So this year, I decided to take some old jars I had lying around the house and plant some succulents. This way, mom has something she can look at all year long and remind her of how great we think she is.
I could name about 1001 reasons why I love succulents, but the biggest one is that they’re almost impossible to kill. I’ve have had one for about five years and I water it like once every six months. For real. And this is from the person who literally kills any plant that I come in contact with–indoors or out. I’m like the plant death dealer. They’re also awesome because there are about a million different varieties, so you can make something totally unique.
For planters:, I used a planter I had from a dried flower arrangement that was old and outdated (the white), a candle jar (pour boiling water in to melt the residual wax, let it cool and the wax will float to the top, then scrub out the residue with soap and a sponge), and a jar spray painted with Valspar Brushed Rose.
Then Adelie and I had fun arranging and planting. Actually, I planted, she spread dirt all over the counter and then all over the patio after I moved the fun out to the backyard.
None of these succulents cost more than $2.00 and the pots were all free, so for three planted pots, I spent less than $15! That’s way less than the price of one decent flower arrangement.
You can find lots more handmade Mother’s Day ideas here.

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