I hope the New Year is treating you well!  I’ve been pretty MIA for the last two weeks–still trying to get back into the swing after the holidays–but I’m over at 11 Magnolia Lane today sharing one of my favorite posts of all time, which also happens to be one of my favorite organization secrets!  

And if you’re in the organization mode–who isn’t?  It’s January people!!–you’ll want to be sure and check out all of the awesomeness in this series from some uber talented ladies!
operation organization button
If you’re like me and lack storage in your house and room to house more storage solutions, you’ll love this cleverly disguised and functional storage solution!!  And probably these too:
Another version of the cabinet project here (which I use as a TV console and toy storage in my living room).  


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    Actually yours is my favorite! You decorate like I do…with found treasures and what you have. Anyone can go out and buy things to organize…well, I can’t. I would like baskets with tags but even the Dollar store’s are $10 each at least. In my book frugality leads to creativity and you’ve got it going on! TYFS! I’m going now to use the baskets I have in some kind of creative way! LOL!

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