One Word for 2013: Purpose {Free Printable}

I have to admit, I love this blogging thing, most especially the sharing of ideas from such talented people, the sense of community and friendship from people all over the globe, and the creative outlet it gives me personally.  The downside is that there’s not a lot of time to come up for air between holidays and events, so as Christmas has wound down and the New Year has now begun, I’ve been feeling excited, but a bit overwhelmed about getting back into the blogging groove. This means that mostly, rather than doing any new projects, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want for myself, my home, and MFL in the coming year. The latter part of 2012 brought some exciting things for MFL and I’m excited to see what this year has in store. All of this thinking, stressing, and excitement has brought me to the conclusion that this year will be all about

I am a self-professed procrastinator, project half-finisher, and scatterbrain. In short, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal (which drove my father and now my husband to the brink of insanity).  So this year I will plan with purpose.  Some of you who have been here for a bit may wonder what happened with my daughter’s bedroom, or the living room/kitchen overhaul, or my office, or any number of projects for that matter.  Well, nothing has happened with them really.  I’ve worked on them here and there, but rooms always seem to be “in process” around my house with none of them ever really completed.  So I’ve made a list of the big projects I really want to tackle, and everything that tackling them involves.  I like to let rooms come together sort of organically, but it’s getting a little too organic, to where by the time I get back to the room, I’ve changed my mind and have to start the whole thing over.  So this year, each month (or two) I will take ONE of the projects off of my list and work on only the projects for that room.  There will still be all of the seasonal projects mixed in, but I’m resolved to stop feeling the need to get everything completed right now and trying to tackle everything at once, because in my world, that equals nothing getting done.

Planning with purpose means spending with purpose as well.  I’m resolved to be a better budgeter in 2013.  Part of this planning with purpose means finally tackling some of the bigger projects we’ve been wanting to do for a while (i.e. new flooring, fireplace…) so I’m resolved to give every penny purpose (a little Dave Ramsey perhaps) and make them count.  Because I see the potential in just about everything, I tend to buy up a lot of stuff for future projects and it ends up just sitting around, never to be touched again.  I know I’m not alone in thinking that I have to scoop up a good deal, or grab something that’s cute because, you know, something that cute will never come along again.  Cute is why Target is both my Heaven and my Hell!  I’ve come to realize that most of the time, I can live without things, and what I need for a given project will usually be there at the same price and I’ll find something just as adorable if I wait a bit.  Translation: Jenn will be steering clear (or trying) of the Target end caps.

I mentioned earlier this year that I also want the content here to have a little more purpose.  I enjoy writing about motherhood and some of the other stuff life brings that don’t involve projects.  I have several draft posts written on these subjects that I’ve never shared because I guess I’m not quite sure whether people care to read it or not, so they sit unpublished.  But I’ve decided that the “real life” posts are things I enjoy reading from others and so often, I sooo relate, so I’m going to write at least a few more purposeful posts this year.

I also intend to remember my purpose, both here on the blog and at home.  With the world of Pinterest and blogging, I think we can tend to overstretch ourselves and begin to compare ourselves with others until we just feel like it’s all for naught.  My number one purpose in life, and the reason I breathe is to first and foremost be a good wife and mother.  With the time it takes to do a project, photograph it, write about it, etc., a lot of the important things can tend to take a backseat.  So I intend to be mindful of my purpose and try not to worry about whether the things I have or do are as great as someone else’s.  Am I happy? Is my family happy?  Am I sharing what I love? In 2013, purpose will include reminding myself to find beauty in the simple things that matter, make the most, and hopefully give you ideas for doing the same.

There are so many other things that this word encompasses for me in regards to the blog and me personally, that it would take far too long (and bore you all too much) to write them all down here.  But I am resolving to be mindful of this word as the year progresses and try to make a better, more purposeful MFL and a better, more purposeful ME.  I’m so grateful to all of you who come stop by here and take the time to leave comments and kind words, I really can’t express it enough.

I’ll be hanging my word somewhere I can see it daily.  And if by some odd chance you’re not sick to death of this word yet and would like one for yourself, you can download the free (up to 11×14) printable

Do you have a word for 2013?  What is it?

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    Thank you for a post that makes me feel NOT alone leaving projects half complete. Maybe purpose should be my word too! Thanks for sharing and continuing to insipre!! =)

    • says

      Sooo NOT alone. I definitely finish far fewer projects than I start. Hopefully this year will be a baby step in the FINISHING direction! :D

  2. says

    Just stumbled over here and we have the same word for the year :) I’m still in the process of writing my post (I only picked my word TODAY, I was dwelling for the last week and couldn’t decide). I look forward to seeing how your one word comes along as well!

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