One Room Challenge Week 3 & 4

The title of this week’s One Room Challenge post should probably actually be called, “Best Laid Plans.” We could start with, what the hell was Jenn thinking committing to posting on the same day every week for 6 weeks?!!!? I missed week three, but I have a good excuse, we decided to take a road trip to my in-laws for Fall break. Here’s photo proof:

img_2770-1Now that Winslow has made her appearance, let’s move onto the actual subject at hand. So, I finally worked up the motivation to paint last weekend and I say “we” because my seven year old decided that she wanted to help. I usually secretly sort of cringe when she wants to help paint because it’s like 25% actual painting and 75% following behind to make sure paint isn’t dripping everywhere and smoothing out giant globs on the wall, but I have to say, she’s getting pretty good at this stuff. Also, she apparently heard me mention the phrase, “One Room Challenge” to my husband and she’s like obsessed now. Kids and any form of the word, “challenge” I swear…. In fact, our conversation while we were painting went like this:

Her: “Mom, is this for the One Room Challenge?”
Me: Yes, how do you know what the One Room Challenge is?
Her: I heard you telling Dad about it. What do you win?
Me: Well, you don’t really win anything. You just get a finished room when you’re done.
Her: Well how awesome would it be if you won a trip to see Chip and JoAnna Gaines? That would be awesome!!!!!!

Sidenote: I don’t really even watch that show anymore, but she seriously thinks Chip hung the moon. She tells me at least weekly how funny he is. Like, she watches reruns on Netflix, by herself, regularly.


Anywho, we painted, and it looks SOOOOO good. These pictures are from my phone because I was in the painting ZONE, so I wasn’t about to break my groove and run to grab my camera. I had tons of paint leftover after painting our family room, so I just used that and it just made the room feel lighter and cleaner. Also, the pink is gone, so it’s a much more neutral room now. The paint is Natural Way by Sherwin Williams. It’s an off-white with just a little hint of gray, remember how I said that painting with a seven year old can be a stressful experience? Guess who kicked the gallon of paint over on the carpet? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the seven year old. And this is where the whole “Best Laid Plans” thing comes in. I didn’t think the whole paint on the carpet thing would be a big deal, because I had been toying with getting rid of the carpet in here and painting the cement floor, but when we pulled up the carpet, there were some small cracks that are going to need to be taken care of before we can do anything with the floor in there, and we’re just not ready to tackle that job right now, so back the carpet went. Luckily, the rug sort of solves both problems because it takes up almost the whole room, which means it covers most of the carpet, including the giant (and now hard) spot where yours truly kicked over the bucket of paint.


Also filed under “Best Laid Plans,” I realized that the bed frame only fits a full-sized bed, so small fixable problem, but a little wrench nonetheless. Also in the “Best Laid Plans” category, the dresser. I love this dresser. It was my great-grandma’s, then my grandma’s, then was passed down to me. If you remember the original design board, I really wanted to strip the dresser and re-stain it with a light, natural, golden wood color, but when I started looking inside the drawers, the natural color of the wood is pretty dark, so I don’t think I’d end up with the look I want anyway. Also, this dresser has two matching twin beds that go with it, so I figured I should probably keep the finishes the same, should we ever want to use them together again. Oh, and there’s that whole thing about possibly ruining antique, family heirloom furniture, so looks like it will be staying dark. I don’t hate it, and it goes just fine with the room, so I’m not incredibly disappointed about it. And let’s be honest, I’m not that sad about not having to put in the work to strip down a piece of furniture ;)


So that’s where things stand after weeks 3 & 4. I’m super excited because now the fun part starts with putting things up on the wall, hanging the headboard, and getting everything all finished up and ready for the grandparents to get here in a few weeks for Christmas (can you even believe how close Christmas is getting?!!!!).

One Room Challenge: The Guest Bedroom |


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    Er my God. I literally have nightmares about spilling gallons of paint on my carpet. On second thought, maybe I should so the hubs lets me finally replace our nasty living room carpet. Hmmmm…

    • says

      Not gonna lie, I wasn’t exactly THAT sad about it. Figured it will be an excuse to move the floors up on the to-list ;) Also, I briefly considered just painting the whole carpet because it makes it look cleaner than the nasty state it’s in now :D

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