One Room Challenge Week 2 Progress

Well friends, it’s two weeks into the One Room Challenge and since this is more of a “spruce” than a massive makeover, and I’m not taking on any huge projects (I think anyway–I’m still on the fence about pulling up the carpet and painting the cement floor) the progress looks a little slow this week. Also, I’m like the world’s biggest procrastinator, so you can bet I’ll be burning some midnight oil as the end draws near. But this week mostly involved just getting the room cleared out, that’s actually some major progress for a girl with my hoarding tendencies.

One Room Challenge: The Guest Bedroom |

Remember that weird bed thing I told you about last week? Here’s what I was talking about ;) Let me assure you, my in-laws have never slept on the bed like this. It was a temporary situation until we could get rid of the mattress from my daughter’s room after she got a new one. And speaking of which….


I got the first delivery (and maybe the only, because, budget) of the ORC (said in my most rapper voice)…what, what?!! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be saying farewell to these gross old mattresses (these were our college beds) and get some super comfy new mattress digs. I’m equally excited to give the video thing another go and show you how cool it is when you unwrap one of these things.

tuft-and-needle-mattress-myfabulesslife-comThe second biggest accomplishment of the week (I’ll show you the first in a minute) was taping off the room so I can paint it this weekend. I absolutely, positively, 100% LOATHE taping and painting. And I know, I know, I could skip the taping and just cut in, but it always ends up looking like s**t and I end up regretting it, so I’ll suffer for a good end result ;)

one-room-challenge-week-2-myfabulesslife-comHere’s a little look at some of what came out of the room that’s staying. The headboard is from my daughter’s old bedroom and will be getting some new fabric.

one-room-challenge-bedroom-myfabulesslife-comAnd finally I give you, the crowing achievement of the week: the not staying/going to Goodwill pile. The great house purge continues! Room by room, I’m slowly, but surely purging all of the ridiculous junk I’ve collected in the 8 years we’ve lived here (and some that came with me before that). It’s so crazy how much stuff we accumulate and justify to ourselves that we’re going to use. I mean, that stupid pile of scrapbook paper pads. I can’t even tell you the last time I scrapbooked and I’ve been looking at all my stupid supplies for years not being able to part with them because I spent money on it. You know, because spending money on something that sits unused in a closet is so much better (rolls eyes). It’s like the most freeing thing ever to dig yourself out from under the piles and piles of junk. I could go on forever, but another day.

one-room-challenge-week-2-progress-myfabulesslife-comSo that’s where the room stands. No big wow yet, but once the paint goes on, everything should start flying along. Famous last words, right? And if you missed the design plan, you can see it HERE (I’m still pretty psyched about it).


  1. Johanna says

    I’m so glad I read this! I have probably three rooms that needs over hauls and ugh I do hate painting too. But this totally gave me inspiration. You’re gonna love it in the end. Go girl!!

  2. Tracy says

    If you haven’t taken the scrapbook paper to the DI/Thrift Store, I would love to pick it up and donate it to a lady in South Jordan that makes cards for an organization that delivers them to terminally ill children all over the country. She’s a lady with limited mobility that makes dozens of amazing cards for kids every month. Let me know if this is something you would consider.

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