I’ve been working on LOTS of Fall projects around here lately and I’m so excited to share my full fall home tour with you on Wednesday, but today, I thought I’d drop by with a quick table runner. Does flannel just make your heart happy? It does mine! You’ll find it popping up all over my house for fall and winter, in fact, my husband asked me if the Brawny man was moving in to our house–always a comedian. I just think plaid is cozy, and classic, and perfectly kitschy. My table seemed like it needed a little something extra and I had some of this left over after making some pillows, so I decided to make a runner to dress it up a little.


You’ll Need:
Hot Glue Gun
Pom Pom Trim (mine is from the Target $1 aisle last Christmas)
1. Cut your fabric to the desired size.
2. Fold the sides over about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch and iron them down.
3. Run a very thin line of hot glue along the edge and press it down to create a hem. Repeat on all four sides.
4. To apply the pom poms, run another thin line of hot glue along the edge and press the trim down. Fold the end of the pom pom trim over the back and tack it down with hot glue so the edges are clean. 
5. Repeat as many times as you want to layer the pom poms (I did three). And then repeat the whole process again at the other end of the runner.

That’s it! A super simple and inexpensive way to add some fall flavor to your home! Pom poms and flannel, like a match made in Autumn heaven!!


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