No Sew Drop Cloth Ruffle Wreath

Since I decided to call it quits on recovering my couch, I’ve got drop cloth canvas to last me a lifetime, so I made this wreath at Christmas to hold Christmas cards, but never got around to posting it.  It’s amazingly simple, requires only three “ingredients” and will take you about an episode of Downton Abbey to put together.  Are you addicted too?

You’ll Need:  
*Wreath (The one above was a large wicker one from the $1 store and the one used in the tutorial pictures was a small foam form also from the $1 store)
*Canvas drop cloth (or other canvas of choice).  
*Glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks
Tear strips of your canvas into 4″ widths.  Wrap your wreath. 

Pinch large sections of the canvas together.

Run a long stripe of glue on the wreath.

And tack the ruffle down. Repeat all the way around and you’re done.

I used clothespins to clip Christmas cards onto mine at Christmas time, and now it’s sitting on my Valentine mantel.  I imagine it will be roving throughout the house as the year goes on–ah the beauty of a neutral wreath.

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  1. says

    This is adorable! And I’ve heard that Downtown Abbey is addictive, I’m going to start that soon. I love dropcloths too. I’ll have to go back into your blog to check out about this couch recovering no-go. Couches are something I wouldn’t touch! I recently had an upholsterer do my couch. Totally worth it ;)

    • says

      Thank you. And be prepared to spend some quality time with your TV when you start Downton! Laziness got the better of me with the couch, it all just got too overwhelming and luckily, it wasn’t much of a loss because it was a crappy couch to begin with :D

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