New Year’s Not-Resolutions & Project Plans

It’s that time of year when everyone says, “You know, I’m not really a resolutions person, but this year I want to __________ {insert New Year’s not-resolution here}.” I always say the same thing, and this year, I’m just owning the fact that I AM sort of a resolutions person. I love the fresh start of a New Year, and whether I like to admit it or not, I always have goals in my head at the beginning of the New Year. You know how many of them get accomplished? Approximately ZERO. But that’s not the point really and maybe that’s why none of us really like to admit that we’re “resolution” people, because plenty of us fail to accomplish the high expectations we set for ourselves (don’t even talk to me you Type A goal achievers ;) )–or is that just me? Please say it’s not. BUT, I have realized that when I set these goals in my head, I do tend to make pretty good progress on a lot of them, or at the very least, they nag me like a little shoulder-angel when I know I’m doing something that’s contrary. So, this year I basically have one, all-encompassing goal. I guess you could call it my One Word for 2016, but basically, the name of this year’s game is to be more INTENTIONAL. More intentional in what I do, how I spend my time, how I spend money (see also: I’m not actually going to die if I don’t buy another pillow on my third Target trip this week), and most pertinent to what I talk about around here: more intentional in projects this year.

As I look around the house, there are SOOOOO many things that I want to do, but I have like major ADD coupled with major impatience (I guess they go hand in hand) and I tend to trade in the big project goals I have, for a million little, stupid ones that I end up changing anyway. And all the while, I tell myself that bigger items that I really want aren’t in our budget, but I probably spend the equivalent of that on Target’s dollar spot–damn that addictive little section!! ;) I’m only sort of kidding.

So, today I thought I would just outline some of the projects I’ll be tackling this year, or I should probably say, finishing.

First up: Our Master Bedroom. This room is always last on the priority list because we’re really the only ones that see it, but it’s been so close for so long, so I’m determined to get it done.

Simple & neutral Master Bedroom |

Which also brings me to another little goal around here: sharing more of our spaces, imperfect or not–and they’re mostly not. But that’s real life right? And I’ve said before, the real life is really my favorite stuff to talk about because, well, it’s real. Anyway, the above picture is where I last left you with the Master Bedroom and this is a little peek at it now. Yes, different pillows. I know, it’s a drastic change ;) There are other changes in here too, this is just my favorite one, so…more to come soon.

Simple Minimal Master Bedroom

I’ve been doing some serious de-junking in the last year (yes, it has taken an entire year, and I’m still not done), which has resulted in actually being able to have a guest bedroom that doesn’t also double as a storage unit, so I’ve been working on that recently and I’ll be showing you sometime this week or next week. I’m pretty excited about how this room has come together, and on a very small budget.

This is where it was last time I showed you:

Cream and white bedding with mixed patterns and colors |

And it’s now in a whole other room (we’ve since swapped the guest bedroom and my daughter’s room), and going a whole different, and better direction.

Guest Bedroom Bedding

We did a small makeover in one bathroom when we did our big renovation a couple of years ago,

Under $100 Budget Bathroom Makeover

but our master bathroom, like the bedroom, has been pretty much neglected.  So far, I’ve hung some new towel hooks (from Ikea), but it’s progress.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

And while we’re on the subject of bathrooms, our third bathroom is this close to being finished too (just like everything else around here). This one has only been in progress for like a year and a half. I wasn’t kidding about the project ADD.

Bathroom Ideas

We also moved my daughter into a bigger bedroom, and most of the decor moved with her, but of course, there are things that I wanted to change, so it’s been sitting in limbo for a few months.

Little Girl Bedroom

This one is sort of low on the priority list though, because she totally loves the way it is and we’ll have to dig through the toy tornado wreckage before we can make any changes. We have added a really cool cat picture though that she loves (the child is obsessed with cats). And although this photo is from the Christmas Home tour, the tree is still there, and I’ve been told that it’s not moving any time soon.

Behind the Blogger Home Tour | The real life stuff after the Pinterest-pretty pictures.

So that’s the bigger project goals this year. Most of them. A fireplace and built-ins in the living room have been on our list since we moved in, so we’ll see if this is the year. And then there are smaller things like replacing door knobs, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures–you know, the never-ending quest to eliminate the builders’ grade nightmares. But before I go, let me just leave you with a little dose of the reality that is me, still trying to dig my way out of the post-Christmas explosion that’s currently occupying my house. It’s vastly improved since I took this picture, but Lord help me, I just need a dump truck to back up to my front door.

Real Life Living Room


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