My New Love Affair With Antique Red

One upon a time, I found a perfect end table for my living room.  Perfect because I love the detail and it provides TONS of awesome storage for toys and blankets.  Then I painted her a not so perfect shade of avocado green that made her sort of stand out in my living room like a sore thumb.
So after over a year of staring at the green and hating it, I finally decided to do something about it and repaint it.  I was originally going to go yellow, until my husband, almost angrily said, “Why does everything have to be so boring?  Can’t we have color?!”  I guess to him, in the sea of white and grey that is our home, yellow isn’t bright enough to count as a color.  So in an effort to please him, I decided to go with red and I’m so glad I did.  
You should probably know that I had a red phase and have been long over it. Like in college I had the red bedroom, bamboo blinds, black furniture-Asian feel thing goin’ on.  Red was O-V-E-R for me!  I was sure that basically nothing in my house would ever be red again until I found Sherwin Williams Antique Red.  It’s actually sort of a rosy red so it’s almost pink, but just red enough that it’s not–make sense?  No?  Well, just trust me and if you’re looking for a really awesome red, go check it out!
I added some aqua knobs from Hobby Lobby and she’s complete.  I’ve been wavering on glazing, and now looking at the pictures, I think my decision is yes on glaze.


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