Five Handmade Gifts for Mother’s Day

I’m coming back up for air after SNAP, which, by the way, was AWESOME!  I’ll share more about it later when I can sort of get everything rounded up, but with Mother’s Day fast approaching and while I’m getting some projects caught up, I thought I’d share some favorite past projects that are perfect for Mother’s day and they’re all projects that the kids can help with, which we know is always a big bonus in Grandma’s eyes–at least around here. You can follow the links for tutorials on all of these projects.
And come back Monday for some new Mother’s Day printables!

Our project last year, which is perfect for the grandmothers.  I actually took this one to the cemetery since I like to still do a little something special for my mom even though she’s no longer here (my grandma brought it back to me after Mother’s day was over, so now it sits in my kitchen).  If pots and flowers aren’t their thing, a piece of wood or canvas makes awesome displayable art–especially when you pick colors that will coordinate with their decor.

Seriously one of my favorite things ever.  I’m not going to lie, I kept these for myself and every time I pull one out while I’m cooking, it makes me a little giddy–I get really excited about really ridiculous things :).  You can also paint them the solid color and then let the kids decorate so mom or grandma gets to see it every time she pulls one out.

For the mom who likes things a little more glam, you can go with the mixed metals.  I think my next set (yes I have several) is going to be of the NEON variety.
If cooking isn’t your mom’s favorite thing, these make a great picture “frame.”  A piece of your child’s art Mod Podged to the back side adds even more awesomeness.

An adorable frame-alternative for displaying a child’s art.  Hand prints would be great too. 

It’s no secret that I am BEYOND OBSESSED with Instagram.  It’s borderline pathetic how many times a day I post and or check it.  These are a great way to display all of those adorable photos.  Enough said. 

See you on Monday with printables!


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