{Mostly} Handmade Tree Pt. 3: Book Page & Bakers Twine Garland

One of my favorite parts of this tree is this little handmade garland.  It wasn’t originally intended for the tree, but after I got all of the champagne colored ornaments up, I felt like the tree needed a little color and the red and white bakers twine was the perfect solution.

All you need is:
kraft paper
book pages
bakers twine or yarn
a needle

Cut out your shapes either by hand or with a machine or punch. I cut several different sized stars on my Cricut (yes, I still use one of those archaic things) out of kraft paper and old book pages.
Once the shapes were cut, I threaded the twine through a big needle and strung the stars on in no particular pattern.   I originally also had circles I was going to use as well, but in all honesty, I got lazy about it and just strung the stars.

Then just wrap it around your tree.  I told you it was easy.  Once everything’s cut, it like a 10 minute project.

You can see that they’re spaced fairly far apart, if you want to make more and string them closer together–your prerogative.  Once I wrapped the garland around the tree, I just slid the stars around to where I wanted them.  I’ll share a little secret though: there are like none on the back of my tree because no one sees it since it’s against the window.  In fact, there is almost nothing on the back of my tree.  If it was in my front window, I would have put more effort in, but, like I said, no one sees it, so I saved my time and money and didn’t bother with it.
I know I promised a two-fer including the salt dough ornaments today, and it will be up in a separate post later today.

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