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Monday morning I woke up to find two sodas had exploded in the freezer during the night, Tuesday morning I woke up to a non-working air conditioner and temps outside of 102 (that’s when I decided to finally clean the freezer, because at that point, standing in front of the freezer was a welcome break from the heat), Wednesday morning, I sent my only baby off to First Grade, queue all the feelings…it’s been one of those weeks–mama just needs some therapy and lately for me, that comes in the form of a little wine or cocktail on our newly finished patio. It has become my favorite place to relax and just sort of enjoy the fruits of our labor. It’s even better if it’s with the girlfriends.

Backyard Entertaining

In the last few years, my girlfriends and I have hit that age where we’ve become ladies who brunch. I mean, when did that happen? It still seems like yesterday that we were just crowded in the sorority house bathroom getting ready to go out at like 10 pm. And while we’re on that subject, do you ever look back at those nights that used to start at like 10 pm like, how did I even do that?!!! Anyway, back on track. More recently we’ve started getting together for dinner at one of our houses and having dinner and wine, and just that good girl chat. And the best part about doing it at someone’s house: the bill is cheaper and we can stay for hours! Oh, and yoga pants are perfectly acceptable attire–can’t beat that! So today I’ve teamed up with Balsam Hill to show you a little backyard setup perfect for a casual girls’ night on the patio.

Inexpensive Table Setting

You know I’m all about casual, simple, and budget-friendly, so as it usually goes when I set a table, I searched the house for things I already had and gathered up some candles and glass votive holders and vases, a beautiful eucalyptus wreath and fairy lights from Balsam Hill, and then hit the grocery store for some day old flowers–some are not in the best shape, but I’ll show you why that’s no big deal in just a minute.

Inexpensive Outdoor Table Setting

I started with the eucalyptus wreath in the middle of the table and started to build from there. It’s pretty unusual for me to mix faux greenery with real greenery and flowers, because the faux stuff usually just ends up looking totally fake, but this wreath looks so real that it blends in perfectly with the real stuff (and bonus: I’ll be pulling it back out for Christmas–yay for stuff that does double-duty!).

Simple Outdoor Table Setting

I have these cool metal pillar things that I got from my grandparents, and as I understand it, they’re from my grandpa’s days of working in the Forest Service and have something to do dynamite and blasting for avalanches–in any case, they work pretty well as votives for candles, or in this case, twinkle lights, to add a little sparkle. It kind of has that fireflies in a jar effect and I love it!

Night time patio

To make the most of that inexpensive bunch of grocery store flowers, I separated them  into all of the little jars on the table and just threw out the ones that weren’t looking so pretty.

Patio table setting outdoor entertaining
And since it’s not really a proper girls’ night without a few drinks, I set up a simple little bar on the other side of the patio. I’ve gotta say, there’s not much that makes me happier than my bare feet up on a warm summer night with a drink in my hand!

Simple Backyard Entertaining

Small Patio Entertaining

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    I laughed out loud at your commenting about going out at 10pm–at our school, it was usually more like 11pm and there is NO WAY I could do that now! Guess it happens to the best of us. :) Your deck is lovely and as always you do such a great job of mixing color and texture–love that bar you set up!

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