Have you ever tried to print your Instagram photos from a printing service?  Well I have, and I sort of felt like I was going to need to sell an organ to pay for it. Why is it so freaking expensive?!!! After looking around and not being able to find anywhere to print my pictures for less than about $40 + shipping (and that was for around 60 photos, not the full 1200 photos in my feed — I’m a little obsessed), I decided to come up with a way to print my own, and today, I’m sharing the wealth in the form of a template and tutorial!  
I have to be honest and say that this method definitely doesn’t have the ease of just uploading your feed and hitting print like a printing service would, so you’ll have to decide whether saving the money is worth your extra time. But, I must also add…the first round is what’s really time consuming, since there are so many pictures to print, but after that, if you just sit down weekly during some couch time and drop them into the template and save them, it’s a pretty quick process.  
Onto the printing business: This can be done in Photoshop, Publisher, Pic Monkey, or probably about 1,000 other photo editing programs.  For this tutorial, we’ll be using PicMonkey (basic, free features) and InstaPort.
There are two options for getting your photos:
1.  Just plug your phone in and transfer the files to your computer, or
2.  You can use Instaport, which is what I do.  The benefit of this is that you choose specific dates, hash tags, or number of photos you want to load.
Once you’ve chosen which files you want to export, click “Start Export” and your files will be saved in a zip file.  Open the zip file and copy and paste the pictures to a new folder on your computer. (You can leave them in the opened zip file, but you won’t be able to see thumbnails of the photos unless you move them to a new folder–zip files are just weird). 
I’ve created 4 templates: the first three are made for printing on an 8″x10″, and the last template is for printing a single 4″x3″ sized photo on a 4″x6″ sheet.  This one may seem useless, but 4″x6″‘s are $0.13/ea (at Costco), which makes for SUPER inexpensive printing.  (Links to download are at the end of the post).
Download the template(s) of your choice, and open it PicMonkey, then follow the steps below.

ONE: Click on the “Overlay” option
TWO: At the top, click “Your Own,” which will allow you to search for and select a file (the same way to load an attachment to an e-mail).  Unfortunately, you have to repeat this step for every picture you want to add.  Holding CTRL and selecting multiple files is not an option.
THREE: Select the picture you want and size the picture so it fits within the black border.
              *NOTE: On the polaroid style pictures, make sure the inner black line is covered by the picture when you resize, so it doesn’t show when it’s printed out.
FOUR: If you share a lot of “full size” (not square) photos, that have a white border on the sides, I drag the white border all the way to the edges and then move the picture as far down as possible without the black inner border showing (I SO hope that makes sense).
FIVE: Check your settings in PicMonkey before saving and make sure you are set to the highest resolution (“King Kong”).  The files are big, but it will ensure that your pictures print at the highest quality possible.
SIX: Save your pictures and print at home, or upload to your preferred photo lab site and print.  REMEMBER: Print to 8×10, or 4×6 for the last template.

Plant yourself in front of the TV with a cup of coffee and cut ‘em all out.  Just as a price comparison: most sites charge between $0.55 – $0.88 per photo.  To print one of these 8×10 templates at Costco (4-6 pictures), is $1.49 and a 4×6 is $0.13.  And, printing at home basically costs nothing.

I swear this has been the most time-consuming post I’ve ever written, so if you’re left totally confused on something, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer!  Happy IG’ing!!

You can find the downloadable templates {HERE}or click on the one you want to download below:

I’ll be over at Whipperberry later this month showing you one of my favorite ways to display all of these Instagram photos!

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh girl, you need to download Photosheet

    All you do is drag your instagram photo into the window and it places it on a 4×6 canvas for you. You can do 2-3×4’s or 6-2×2’s. So, so many options.

    It has made printing instagram photos so easy. I then get them printed at Costco and when they have their 8 cent sale it’s amazing.

    If people print at home though, your 8×10 template is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing! I am going to show my daughter as she is starting to want copies of her own pictures for her room. I will have her use regular paper so as to not wait photo paper!

  3. says

    Ok So I just read your comment on my blog about the instagram wall display and I had to check out your page. And since you posted about instagram too, I just had to add this. I didn’t mention this on my post, but I read that it’s way cheaper to print your instagram photos on 4×6 paper from a place like walgreens and then cut off the extra 2 inches yourself. I wish I would have realized this BEFORE I ordered 87 prints of Instagram photos.

  4. says

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