Inspiration² Link Party

Hey, hey!! I’m a little (lot) late to the party this week! I’m having too much fun hanging with Ms. Live Laugh Rowe herself while she’s here for SNAP!! Is it sad that we’ve been waiting for this day like kids at Christmas? I literally didn’t sleep the night before she came and it’s been non-stop chatting and laughing since she got here! #TooMuchFun! That said, this week I’m sharing my pick for the week and the reader’s choice and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week (you know, as “regular” as it gets around here).FullSizeRender

pick of the week

Scrapbook Paper Pencils | The Casual Craftlete
Love this awesome simple idea! Scrapbook wrapped pencils. | The Casual Craftlete

readers choice

Inspirational Walt Whitman Quote Printable| Bombshell Bling

Keep your face towards the sunshine....Inspirational Walt Whitman Quote | Bombshell Bling


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