How To Remove Scratches From White Dishes

So Halloween ended and it seems that suddenly the entire world (including yours truly) have gone into full Christmas mode. I’m actually guilty of putting my tree up today while blasting the Christmas music and dancing around the house like a crazy woman. Christmas music is my Husband’s version of Hell, so it was a great day for him. Anyway, I couldn’t go full Christmas mode without giving at least a small shout-out to Thanksgiving. I’ve got two tablescapes coming your way over the next two weeks, which means I’ve been pulling out my best China and silver to set an elaborate table…. Just kidding. We all know that’s not me. I don’t even own China, and I actually like the look of tarnished silver better than having it all shiny and sparkly. I’m actually just fine with not owning China because who needs the fuss? When I replaced my everyday dishes a few years ago, I purposely bought white ones so that I had something neutral to mix and match when I set a more “formal” table. But when I started setting my table the other day, I noticed that my salad plates were looking a little, okay A LOT, on the sad scratched side. how-to-clean-scratches-from-white-dishes-myfabulesslife-comThey were so scratched, that even big napkins weren’t really doing much to hide the scratches, and while I’m all about a casual-ish table, I’m not an animal ;) So, I set out to find a way to clean them and found a super easy, super amazing solution. Let me introduce you to my new BFF: Barkeepers Friend (found with the other household cleansers at the grocery store). I keep hearing about all of the magical things this stuff is capable of, so I thought I’d give it a try, and guess what? This stuff is INSANE!

how-to-clean-knife-marks-from-white-dishes-myfabulesslife-comIt was literally a matter of sprinkling a bit on each plate, scrubbing with a wet sponge, and those marks were GONE!

how-to-clean-scratches-off-white-dishes-myfabulesslife-comThis is a little side by side of the before and after. No lie. Every. Single. Mark. G-O-N-E! I’m not sure how this would work on colored dishes, and the label says that it can scratch some surfaces, so be sure to read the label and maybe test it on a small spot before you try it out.


And since I’m sort of feeling like an infomerical now, I thought maybe I’d make you one ;) But really though, I spent the better half of last week searching for new salad plates because I was embarrassed to put them on my table, and this little $3.00 can of magic made them like new.

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