On Wednesday, I shared my Mini-Witch Hat Garland over at Craftaholics Anonymous, and today I thought I’d share one of her companions: The Scrap Garland.  This fabric scrap garland is SO simple!  I had some scraps left over from from reupholstering my new dining chairs (tutorial on that coming), and I’m so in love with this black and white Buffalo Check fabric (from Ikea) that I didn’t want to let a single bit of it go to waste.  It works perfectly for Halloween, but since it also matches my everyday decor, I can use it all year.  Yay for versatility!
Here’s how to make your own: 

You’ll Need:
String or twine
Fabric Scraps (I used the black and white, and some $2/yd muslin–with my 40% off coupon it was SUPER cheap!)
(yup, that’s it)
I apologize for the lack of process pictures, it was so quick that once I got going, I sort of forgot about the whole picture thing and just busted it out.  
Start by tearing your fabric into strips.  If you want it a little less frayed, cut it instead of tearing it–I prefer the messy look.  I didn’t measure mine, just cut it into different widths and lengths (mine vary between about 12 & 8 inches long), and since the black and white fabric was the excess trimmed from my chair upholstery, some of it wasn’t even straight, but that just adds to the fun scrappiness.
easy diy banner
Next, just tie the fabric around the string (like the first step of tying your shoe)–you can see the knots above. The longer your strips, the more they will hang down.  If you want them to go both up and down, cut them much shorter.  (Hopefully that last sentence made sense).
I had to tug on some of my strips a little to get the knot really tight and get some of it to hang down and not stick straight out, so just work with it a little to get it the way you want. Then I trimmed some of the pieces that were a little too long or too scrappy and…DONE! 
fabric scraps
Info on the third, and easiest garland of the three, can be found here.  
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