Today I’ve got a super quick, simple tutorial for you. One of my very favorite ways to add big impact to any room (and add storage), for very little cost: OPEN SHELVING.
Open shelving is like a rash around my house, it’s spreading everywhere. But, a good rash. Wait, is there even such a thing? Nevermind. Let’s just say that I love open shelving. It’s an awesome way to add dimension and character to your walls and super budget friendly (between $10 and $20 per shelf). I have open shelving in my kitchen/dining area and in Adelie’s room, mainly used for decor purposes more than functionality.

Then, recently, I ripped out my cabinets in my laundry room to make way for more open shelving, which can actually be way more functional than cabinets–like in this case.
So here’s how to build your own simple open shelving:
*Brackets–the same width (or just a hair shorter) than the width of the wood (mine are from IKEA $4/ea)
*Wood in your desired length and width (my kitchen ones are actually a stair tread from the lumber store and the ones in my laundry room are 1×10’s) You can also buy them in pre-cut lengths at Ikea or the hardware store, but I like buying my own so I can customize and because the wood tends to look a little more rustic (and it’s cheaper).
*Long (like 2 – 2.5″ screws)
Start by sanding the edges and corners. This rounds them out a little and gives them a bit more finished look.
Next, stain or paint your wood. If your brackets are raw wood (like mine from Ikea were), paint or stain those too. Never stained before? It’s fun and EASY! I’ve got you covered with the 101 here.
Mount your brackets to the wall, placed so that they will be at each end of the shelf, and if you need extra support, mount another in the middle (it may need four equally spaced brackets depending on the length of the shelf). It’s best if you can mount them into studs in the wall, but mine are just mounted in the drywall and I haven’t had any problems.
For someone who’s a collector of nostalgia and likes to look at all of it beautifully displayed, this is one of my favorite ways to do it around my house. I find myself having to really “edit” where I put them, otherwise, they would completely take over!!


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