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Happy Easter Weekend friends! After majorly Springy weather here over the past two weekends, it has decided to snow on us in good old Utah the past couple of days, but that hasn’t stopped me from still going full boar into Spring mode–which means I’ve got lots of bright color on the brain! So for today’s Favorites on Friday, I thought we’d go with a little theme: Colorful Spaces. Here are some of my favorites, along with my two cents on how you can incorporate this look into your home. Have a FABULOUS Easter!!

(As always, please be courteous and pin from the original source. They’re all conveniently located here if you want a one-stop shop.)

These bookshelves.
The perfect place to add one of my favorite decorating weapons: thrifted books ;)

bookshelf styling


This whole vintage thing going on with this dresser, the globe, the books….
Uh, spray painted metal trays. Super cool, super easy!

vintage dresser and globe


This floating shelf/mantel setup. Love the wood, the art. All of it!
I big HEART this colorful art (and something similar could be pretty easily DIY’ed). And I don’t think I even have to mention how much I LOOOOVVVEEE this mantel.

bright mantel

This kitchen. It doesn’t really fall into the colorful category, but isn’t it FABULOUS?!!!
Windows and no cabinets over the sink is sort of my new obsession. Too bad my window over my sink looks directly at the beautiful side of my neighbor’s house ;)


This bright, cheery window space.
Find some thrift store boxes and vases, grab some craft paint, and you’ve got yourself a pretty little window!

bright window ledge

I just want to curl up in this chair right now
Does Emily Henderson ever hit less than a homerun? NOPE. The color of this chair…I die. And that rug!

colorful living room from Emily Henderson

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