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I’m always curious about whether some of these home cleaning “remedies” on Pinterest work, as I’m sure are you.  So let me share one with you that knocked my socks off and confirm that it is, in fact, totally amazing!

I’m not one of those that’s really worried about the chemical thing in my home, or being green, I just flat out want to save money and, let’s be honest, save a trip to the store–my two-year-old (or my lack of wanting to get presentable for public viewing) is turning me into a recluse.  We rarely leave the house.  Really.  Thus, I’m a big fan of homemade cleaning solutions.
So, I had a backed up sink–like, this thing would fill up in about two seconds and take 10 minutes to drain.   In my experience, Drano (and everything like it) is expensive and doesn’t really work all that well anyway.  And I remembered I had pinned this (actually with this sink in mind):
and thought I’d give it a try.  (Just FYI, I don’t know why this picture has a little spray bottle and a tube.  It has NOTHING to do with this cleaning method).  Baking soda + boiling water.  That’s it.  Who knew that baking soda and some boiling water could be such a little miracle?!!  I put about half a cup of baking soda in a pile over the drain, shoved it down the drain (I have those covered drains that go up and down to hold water and I couldn’t get the top off) with the corner of an envelope (first thing I could find), let it sit in the drain while the water boiled and the second I poured the boiling water down the drain the clog was gone!  It’s been draining like a champ for a week now.  And my husband is happy he didn’t get stuck with that nasty job of pulling stuff out of the drain (there really is nothing more disgusting).  The tutorial says to pour bleach down afterward, but I didn’t bother with it and it works fine.  So if you do happen to be a chemical-free or green person, this is a GREAT method for unclogging your drain.
Happy cleaning!

*The full directions are listed right on the Pin, so I won’t bother to list them again here.  Just click on the picture.


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    Thanks for confirming that it works. I don’t have a plugged up drain at the moment but I’m sure there’s one in my future at some point. Now, for once, I’ll be prepared and know what to do. Thanks again!

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    I came across your site by too much time and your blog is adorable. I wanted to pass on that I have tried making my own laundry soap and it not only works great, it ends up to be roughly 40 cents for a 2 gallon batch! You can google various recipes, but they usually contain borax, super washing soda and fels naptha soap. Thought you might be interested!

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