Hello 2018 – Plans for the New Year

Happy 2018!! I know it’s January 2nd, but does anyone really start the New Year on January 1st? I feel like it’s sort of the pre-game, right? Anyway, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year! Christmas break was short here, so we crammed all of our festive activities into the few days before, then had a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas with just our little family of four, and partied it up on New Year’s Eve with games and a 10:00 bed time. We’re wild around here. The baby and I did happen to ring in the New Year together at midnight thanks to a little feeding sesh on the couch. It was sort of the perfect culmination of what has honestly been the most crazy, unexpected, amazing year for our little family. Which actually brings me to 2018.

You may remember a little post from the beginning of last year. That whole “famous last words” one. Where I talked about how we had settled as a family of three, and all of the projects I had planned to finally make our “starter” home our “forever” home. HA. HA. HA. Almost exactly a month after I wrote that post, we got the most crazy, amazing surprise. One that we had been hoping for for a a very long time and that we had accepted wasn’t going to happen. So, out went the plans we’d had for the year, and in came Mr. Anders. It was a pretty good trade-off.


So, we spent most of the year preparing for baby and then adjusting to life with a baby again (we can’t get enough) and as a family of four. But in 2018, it’s back to the previously scheduled program! I thought today I’d share a little of what I’ve got planned for this year.

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At the beginning of last year, one of my main goals was to finally rid this place of all of the builders-grade blah. There was ZERO progress on that one in 2017, so that’s were we’re starting this year. AND, I’m going to take it in real time. If I’m being honest, a lot of times it gets a little discouraging that there’s not some big reveal, but that’s not how real life works and not how a home happens–at least not around here. So I’ll be sharing projects in real time, sharing changes as they come, even if they’re small. It’s better for the budget and better for my sanity ;) It’s a boob light, nickel plated paradise hell around here and I’m SO over it. I’m determined to have it GONE this year.

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One of the first projects up this year, is fixing first-timer mistakes and replacing/upgrading our Board and Batten in our upstairs. I’ll have a full rund0wn on what I would do/am doing differently this time around. It looks a lot better in photos than it actually is. And this week’s glamorous project is patching the 10 million and one holes in our walls from years of indecisiveness when hanging pictures, so that we can’t paint after the board and batten comes down. Some of my walls are like swiss cheese–it’s bad people.

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Our Master Bedroom will be our first real room undertaking this year (if all goes according to plan) because it hasn’t really been touched since we moved in and I’m feeling like it’s time to make a little space of our own to retreat to. It’s currently become the office, baby gear, laundry dumping ground and I’m ready to take it back. Simple & neutral Master Bedroom | MyFabulessLife.comAlso on the list, finally finishing the nursery (which is really just a matter of hanging stuff back on the walls). Also, if we can ever keep it clean long enough to do anything else with it ;) Finishing my daughter’s room, which has been years in progress, and maybe, but I’m not holding my breath, we’ll get to start on the kitchen overhaul that’s been on the list for three years running.

Real Life Home Tour 2 MyFabulessLife.comMore than the big room undertakings though, I’m excited for some of the other day to day things I’ve got planned. As I’ve been cleaning up the Christmas decorations, I’ve thought a lot about how we live in our space. I say it all the time, but we’re small on square footage around here and even smaller on storage, so I thought this year, especially this month as everyone is working on decluttering and organizing, I’d share how we make the most of our spaces and how we’ve added storage and maximized what we have. I’ve said for years that I wanted to share more of the real, day-to-day living stuff, and then I sort of chicken out and feel like I’m not an expert so who’s really going to care. This year, I. AM. SHARING. I don’t know why I get all weird and shy about these things, but this year, I’m putting it out there and hopefully there will be some useful tidbits for you along the way (and I hope you’ll share yours with me–I can ALWAYS use help).

Spring Simplicity Home Tour | MyFabulessLife.comOne really random endeavor that I’m pretty excited about is that we’re “cutting the cord” next week and canceling our satellite service. We’ve thrown around the idea for years, but we’re big sports (particularly College Football and baseball) fans, so that’s always been a stumbling block. BUT, I’m tired of paying over $120 a month to watch, literally, like three channels and football for three months of the year. So, after the National Championship on January 8th (yes, we are waiting until football is over–baby steps), we’re hitting the cancel button and we’re going to try this whole thing out. We’ve solved our baseball problem already (so stay tuned) and we’ll see how things go this coming year, and get used to the whole “cable-free” thing before football season next year. So I’m taking you along on our “cord-cutting” journey and we’ll see how this plays out! Have any of you done it? I’d love to hear!! Hulu? Sling? What are you using? I’m most nervous about giving up DVR and being able to toggle between channels on one interface (like switching from the local antenna to the app programming–have any of you solved this?).

Vintage Sports Themed Den MyFabulessLife.comAnd finally, I’ll be getting back to some of my favorite seasonal things like entertaining, printables, recipes, and favorite finds…some of my old favorites, and things that can be done on the cheap–not just big room makeovers. In fact, I’m excited to sort of relieve that pressure and focus more on the day to day living and entertaining and not worry so much about big reveals (although, as I mentioned earlier, there will be a sprinkling of those).


So, I hope you’ll come along with me this year and I hope you find some inspiration! I’m excited for a clean slate, a fresh start, and a jam packed new year full of real life projects and real living!

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  1. says

    You won’t even think twice about cutting the cord! We did it this summer. We had to get an Amazon fire stick because our living room tv is not a smart tv. We are streaming through Playstation vue (no you don’t need to have a playstation console, we do not). We chose that because we are also huge sports watchers and it had big ten network and like 3 or 4 ESPN stations. We were able to download a free Fox sports app to watch our Brewer games. We cut our monthly cable bill by more than half. It has been awesome!

    • says

      Getting our Firestick was kind of the push to pull the plug. I LOVE that thing! And good to know about the Vue! We did MLB.tv a couple of years ago so we could watch our Giants games and it’s a GAME CHANGER for baseball! (Although, we don’t live in a baseball market and I hear there’s a lot of blackout issues if you do.) I’m actually kind of excited about the whole thing and hope it also gets us to watch a little less TV.

  2. Kimberly says

    We have had hulu, netflix, and amazon prime for many years and love it. And now, all three of these have their own shows, so they have really stepped up their game. I seriously think we haven’t had cable in at least 8 years, and I don’t miss it.

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