Favorite Free Fonts

So I’m in the midst of throwing together my daughter’s birthday party for Saturday, and I may or may not have started yesterday (Thursday).  Have I known about this party for at least a month?  Yes, but procrastination is what I do! Besides, this year I decided, everything doesn’t have to be a freaking Pinterest-worthy project.  It’s a 4-year-old’s birthday party: she cares about friends, cake (she’s requested a purple cake, and I died a little inside–I HATE purple), and the pinata she has asked for approximately 530 times a week for the last six months–My Little Pony, again, I die a little inside.  So, I’m throwing together a few small, simple projects to cute things up a bit, and going for simple and fun this year —  maybe I’ll even get to do my hair and put together an actual outfit this year, instead of running around like a crazy woman and jumping out of the shower five minutes before guests arrive–really, why do we do this to ourselves?! 
So what the hell, you ask, do fonts have to do with my procrastination and birthday party decorating?  Well, nothing really, except that as I was making a few quick prints for the party–to be shared soon (in these totally sort of-out-of-my-normal-realm colors, that I love) I realized I have a TON of fonts I love to use, and almost as many favorites, so I thought I’d share some of them with you. 
I’m really obsessed with hand-drawn and monospaced, modern fonts right now.  So I present to you, my favorite “funky” fonts.  Why funky?  I don’t know, that’s just the word that comes to mind when I look at these.  And let me just say, if I could make out with “Peach Milk” I probably would.  Hands down. Top five. One of my favorites. In the history of ever. {Links to download all fonts can be found below.}


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