Halloween Around Our House

So, Halloween is only two weeks away, but I thought I’d share the little bits of Halloween around our house before it all comes down and things go back to fall. Better late than never right? I’ve never been too big on Halloween and you couldn’t pay me enough to watch a scary movie–I’m a total sissy. I’m just not a dress up, themed-parties, scary stuff kind of girl (translation: I guess I can be kind of boring), but I do love decorating for Halloween, and it’s become a holiday that I love a little more each year after becoming a mom. There’s something about seeing things through a child’s eyes that makes things SO MUCH more fun, you know? I do love decorating for Halloween though. I mean, Black. White. Glitter. Need I say more? All of our decorations fit in one box, so nothing too crazy, just touches here and there around the house.

This little owl is the newest addition to the Halloween collection and I’m obsessed with him. He came from Etsy, and I could order the entire shop, which you can find here.

Halloween Decorations 2015 MyFabulessLife.com

This Halloween printable countdown and clipboard are another favorite, and you can find them both here.

Halloween Vignette MyFabulessLife.com

My dad’s wife is a BIG Halloween lover, so over the past few years, we’ve had a little tradition of getting all of the girls together and making Halloween houses. It’s become one of my favorite things and it’s fun to add a new one every year. They all sit on the kitchen shelf–just a cute little witches’ village.

Halloween Mantel MyFabulessLife.com

The tiny black houses are just spray painted Christmas village houses from the Dollar Store.

DIY Halloween Village MyFabulessLife.com

DIY Haunted Halloween Houses MyFabulessLife.com

I have several bigger ones, so this year I decided to go with a simplified, miniature version. Not every witch needs a mansion ;)

Paper Mache Halloween House MyFabulessLife.com

After the home tour a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t loving the centerpiece on the kitchen table. It was feeling a little cluttered, so I changed it out for something simpler and then threw in some extra fun for Halloween. This Witch Hat Garland is still one of my FAVORITE projects ever.

Halloween Centerpiece MyFabulessLife.com

Halloween Decorations MyFabulessLife.com

And finally, the entryway. I LOVE skeletons at Halloween time. The big, gold “metal” hand is just a spray painted skeleton hand from the dollar store.

Dollar Store Skeleton Hand MyFabulessLife.com

I pulled out another one of my favorite garlands from past years and clipped on some vintage Halloween cards.

Halloween Entry Table MyFabulessLife.com

And that about does it for Halloween around here!! Do you decorate for Halloween? Or just skip it for fall?

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