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By now you’re probably aware that I’m a pretty big fan of DIYing even my clothing. I can be pretty cheap frugal when it comes to clothes shopping (see: doesn’t even look at anything but the clearance rack)–big shocker, I know. So given my frugal ways, it seems like a lot of the stuff that I see and love, for both my daughter and me, is way more than I’m willing to spend.  Almost on the daily I’m thinking to myself, “I cannot justify that much for ____ that she’s just going to destroy/grow out of.”  It’s way number 537 (and counting) that I’ve officially turned into my mother.  
I’ve talked before about DIY screen-printing, but iron-on is another way you can add a little awesome to your wardrobe on the cheap. And let me tell you, if you’re like me and your idea of iron-on is rainbow unicorn applique patches and ugly stencil letters from the 80’s–it’s a whole new world!!  Expressions Vinyl sells heat transfer in just about every color of the rainbow and you can get it in glitter too (aka: my crack). When this stuff goes on, it tacks down like a champ and looks like it was screen printed right on the fabric. No puff paint, unicorn slumber party shirts here–I know you know what I’m talking about.  So here’s the process:
I grabbed a shirt for myself from on clearance at Target, and another plain one of my daughter’s that I already had (it’s a $4.00 sweatshirt from Walmart).  

For my daughter’s, I just cut a shape on my Cricut (the Summer in Paris Cartridge).  Mine was a little more effort, but if you have a cutter that will do SVG files, you can do it that way.  I found the image I wanted online, figured out how big I wanted it on the shirt, traced it on freezer paper (just lay the paper over the screen and trace like a light table–press lightly, don’t go ruining your computer screen).  Then, on the back side of the iron on, I traced my image BACKWARDS with a white crayon and cut it out with an Exacto knife.  A little note: there’s a plastic layer on the front of the vinyl, when I cut with my Cricut, I peel it off before cutting and it seems to work better, but when cutting with the Exacto knife, I leave the plastic on while cutting (it makes it a little more stiff).

Next, peel the plastic layer from the front of your shape (if you haven’t already), lay it down and iron it on. I know a lot of iron-on directions tell you to lay a towel or something over it, but I find that it works better if you just put it right on there.

That’s it!  This shirt would have cost me well over $40 if I had purchased it, and I made this one for under $15.  My daughter’s was around $6–which I can totally handle.

Expressions Vinyl has generously offered a $25 gift card to one of you.  Just enter using the form below. AND, if you use code MYFABULESSLIFE, you can get 10% off your order (good through March 3, 2014).

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Disclaimer: I was provided product for this post by Expressions Vinyl, but all opinions are mine.  


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