Give Your Display a Little Shine: Glitter Clothespins

I’m back, and thought I’d start off with a simple little project with big impact.  I’m working on a little something for my daughter’s room, a display of sorts, that I’m hoping to share later this week and needed something slightly more fabulous than your run of the mill thumbtack or nail.  Enter: clothespins and glitter.  These are so easy you’ll want to use them for everything.  Well, I do at least.

All you need for these are some clothespins, glitter, and double-sided tape.
Stick your tape down on the clothespin and cut off the excess.
Pour your glitter and shake off the excess.  DONE!
I set out to do four of these and ended up glittering the entire package.  You know that saying, “Glitter is my Prozac”?  Whoever came up with that has definitely met me. That is, until your three year old wakes up from her nap, declares very happily that it’s pixie dust, and starts throwing it up in the air before you can stop her.  Then, as she continues to throw pixie dust, trying to explain basic physics and that pixie dust does not, in fact, just disappear when you throw it up in the air.  Then glitter is my hell and a very shimmery kitchen floor and maybe, just maybe, a little laugh at the adorable young mind.  
One note: if you’re going to be using these frequently (changing out artwork, using them for the fridge, etc.) I would spray a clear coat spray paint on so the glitter doesn’t flake off quite as much.  These would be so sweet for hanging a bunting or banner, with thumbtacks or magnets hot glued to the back…the possibilities are endless….
Happy glittering!
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