Lazy Days & Ice Cream {Free Summer Printable}

Summer is hands-down my FAVORITE time of year.  I could probably never have snow here again and be completely content.  So I’m soaking it up and am so behind on projects it’s not even funny–like, most of the walls in the main area of my house are half white and half tan and I CANNOT muster the motivation or time to finish them.  And is it just me, or does it seem like the house dirties itself when you’re not even home?  Can’t keep it clean to SAVE. MY. LIFE.  Anyway, who really wants to paint and clean when you can do this every day instead?

If you live in the South Salt Lake Valley and haven’t been to Blackridge Reservoir yet, you’re missing out.  It’s AWESOME! Water. Beach. Free. Enough said. She plays, I get a killer tan, and there’s none of those stupid no floaties/no toys rules like the public pool!

So, while I work on actually getting some stuff done, or avoiding it altogether, as the case may be, I thought I’d share a fun, bright, summer printable.  I bought the little one a shirt a couple of years ago with this saying and have LOVED it ever since.  It just makes me picture laying on a hammock in the sun, soaking up the summer.

{This will print best at 5×7, but up to 8×10 works great.} I’m working on some REALLY FUN new stuff for the Etsy shop too, so stay tuned!!

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