Today I Am Grateful {Printable}

This week one of my sorority sisters very unexpectedly lost her 18 month old baby girl.  It would be impossible to put into words what I’ve felt this week for her. Never have I felt so deeply for someone suffering a loss.  As she and the picture of her sweet baby have been constantly on my mind, the thought kept running through my head, “Today I Am Grateful for…” and lists of the small, simple things would flood my mind.  All the pointless stress and minutia of the daily grind has seemed to melt away as I’ve been reminded just how precious life is, how quickly it can change, and that I should simply be grateful for today and for all the blessings I have. The have-not’s don’t matter.  It’s unfortunate that it sometimes takes tragedies to remind us to stop comparing ourselves, stop sweating the small stuff, and rejoice in our family and blessings, but this week as I thought constantly “I am grateful…” I decided maybe it was something I should put in my home as a daily reminder, and I thought I’d share that daily reminder with you.  Go squeeze your loved ones a little tighter, and please send  up some good thoughts, prayers, love for this couple.

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  1. says

    My heart goes out to your friend. I can’t imagine the loss they are feeling right now. Thank you for the printable. It’s simple and beautiful. A wonderful, daily reminder.


  2. says

    My baby girl is kicking like crazy in my belly as I read this. She’s not even here yet and I couldn’t even imagine the devastation your friend is going through. It’s unfortunate that sometimes it’s tragedies like this that make us pause to appreciate the little things. Beautiful printable!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing, so easy to get caught up in the “me-ness” of life that I forget to be grateful for the blessings… hope you and your friends are resting in God’s peace.

  4. Anonymous says

    Feel sooo much for your friend especially having been with my friend Janet who just lost her 30 year old son, 2 days ill, The shock, disbelief, pain and whole range of emotions are still held tight to her chest, please God let both these ladies feel you sooooo close. Amen


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