Confession: I haven’t even bought Adelie’s Halloween costume and I’ve already got Thanksgiving on the brain. And yes, I said bought, I don’t even mess with trying to make a costume anymore. Kudos to those of you with all of that Halloween ambition. Can I just have an honest parenthood moment here and say that I find the whole Halloween thing to be quite the hassle? It may have something to do with the fact that my child changes her mind about her costume almost hourly, or that there seem to be 10,000 obligatory things to do around any given Holiday to earn your good parent card–but that’s a WHOLE other topic. Anyway, I’ll end my rant that really has nothing to do with today’s post. Today I just wanted to drop by with a fun printable in the spirit of Thanksgiving, or all year round really! I always love a fun, maybe just a little tongue-in-cheek print and #blessed was the first thing that came to mind this year when I started thinking about Thanksgiving. If you spend any amount of time on Instagram or Twitter, I’m sure you totally get why. I mean, who isn’t #blessed these days? AmIRight?

#blessed Free Thanksgiving Printable

In all seriousness though, it is nice to have a little reminder to count our blessings instead of dwelling on the negative, and Lord knows we can probably all use a little dose of that in our crazy, daily lives. You know, like when some of us are complaining about what a hassle Halloween is ;D. I’ve got three colors for you. Enjoy!

free thanksgiving printables




  1. Amie says

    Love these! I am having the same downloading issues those. Only the charcoal color would download for me. The mustard and coral say that I am not able to perform this action. Any ideas?



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