Free Printable Classroom Valentines

What? It’s two days before your kid’s Valentine’s Day party at school and I’m just now sharing these Printable Classroom Valentines? Yep. Because that’s how I roll. Admittedly, I’m not a big V-Day person AND “Last Minute” is basically my middle name. Try as I may to get my act together, I’m just a sneak-it-in-at-the buzzer gal. To the bone my friends, to the bone! I’ve seen the V-Day aisle the night before Valentine’s Day and exchanged those desperate glances with other moms as we regret yet another year of waiting until the last minute and are really just counting down the minutes until we can get out of there and have a glass (or a bottle) of wine (I think last year I hit like 3 stores at 10pm) ;) In short, I know I’m not the only last minute mom in town, so I figured better late than never with these. And if you are one of those on-the-ball moms, well, here’s a major jump start for next year.

Free Printable Classroom Valentines

I just grabbed some plastic rings at Target, and then rather than sit and mess with cutting slits in each one with an Xacto knife, I grabbed my hole punch, punched four holes in a row, and it worked PERFECTLY to slip the ring through and hold it in place.

You're a Gem | Free Printable Classroom Valentines

If you don’t want to mess with the rings, you can just use the space to sign the card.

Printable Classroom Valentines

Download is below. Enjoy!! And Happy Valentine’s Day.

You're A Gem Printable Valentines


DOWNLOAD Free Printable You’re A Gem Valentines

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