Free Printable 2018 Calendars

It’s calendar time! I’ve had so many questions over the last couple of weeks about whether there would be updated calendars and I have to tell you, it’s such a good feeling to know that people are using and loving your creations. And I have to also apologize that they are SO close to the Christmas wire! I know a lot of people, including me, love to use them as gifts.

If you’re newer here to MFL, these are a staple in my gift-giving to the husband and grandparents every year and are SUCH a great way to do a little compilation of some of your favorite photos and moments from the past year!

Anyway, I wracked my brain for a new calendar design this year, and I may actually have one before January, but since we’re coming up on Christmas (how is it 13 days away?!!) and I have had lots of requests for updated photo calendars especially, I’ve decided to just update every calendar from the “archives” so you can take your pick. A calendar extravaganza if you will ;) Plus, honestly, I kind of just love all of the old designs as they are.

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Free Printable Desk Calendar

So here are ALL of your options this year: (I’ll include a list of all of the links at the bottom of the post as well). Some of these are photos from years past, so the dates are off, but have been updated on the new calendars.

Instructions for adding photos to your calendars can be found HERE.

Photo Calendar with PRINT TEXT.

Free Printable Photo Desk Calendar

Photo Calendar with SCRIPT TEXT

Free Printable 2016 Desk Calendar | These simple, adorable 2016 calendars can be customized with your own photos. Perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas!

 I also love these just blank and clean. Room for notes and to-do’s ;)

2018 Free Printable Botanical Desk CalendarFree Printable 2017 Desk Calendar | MyFabulessLife.comFree Printable 2017 Desk Calendar |

2018 Watercolor Desk Calendar
Free Printable 2016 Desk Calendar | Beautiful watercolor calendar free printable

And here are a few of my favorite ways to display mine. These are formatted to print 5×7, so mini easels, mini-clipboards, and frames with clips work great. Or there’s my personal favorite: flower frogs (that spiky thing). They make the perfect little, vintage-looking stand. Free-Printable-2018-Calendars

Mini Clipboard | Gold Clipboard Photo Stand | Small Black Wire Stand
Brass Easel | Flower Frog | Gold Wire Photo Bulletin Board
Paperclip Stand

And the stand makes a perfect little embellishment when you wrap them up as a gift. Enjoy!

Free Printable 2015 Desk Calendar. Leave it blank or customize with your own pictures. |


2018 Watercolor Desk Calendar
2018 Botanical Desk Calendar
2018 Photo Calendar (PRINT text)
2018 Photo Calendar (SCRIPT text)


  1. Kitkat says

    Thank you so much! The calendars look great! Thank you for making a 2018 version of your botanical desk calendar. It’s an absolute favorite of mine. :)

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