Free Printable 2016 Calendar and Menu Planner (while I randomly ramble about life)

So, I’ve been working on a few different posts, at least one of which I had intended to go up Monday, but, I’m a master procrastinator and really, I just haven’t been able to finish the writing (not that they’re anything groundbreaking) because I just am not feeling all that productive and inspired this week–the laundry is closing in and I just really want to catch up. I mean, who doesn’t live for laundry, right? So, I figured today, I’ll share with you the 2016 Calendar and Menu Planner that I created back in like November, but never got around to putting up for one reason or another. The fact that I’m sharing a calendar at the end of the third week of January is actually a pretty great illustration of how the first of the year is going around here. Nothing bad, great in fact, just busy and unexpected. Like, you know where I lived last week? Well, I lived in two places really: the couch and that room where you live when you’re so sick you welcome death (the bathroom–sorry, I’m trying not to TMI you, but we’re friends, right?). Apparently my six year old is like patient zero because she gave me some sort of funk last week that I managed to pass around to no less than like 10 other people in my family. Most were over it in like 24 hours, but I was the lucky one that felt like a snake was searching through my empty stomach for like a week. Well, it sounded empty and felt empty, but apparently it wasn’t. Anywho, it was super fun. In the meantime, housework doesn’t do itself, so I’ve been trying to get a handle on my house this week, which hasn’t left time for much else…

Menu Planner Free Printable

…except going to Target today. There’s always time for Target. So, after two weeks of basically not leaving the house, except to take my child to school and tumbling, I finally decided to venture out to Target today. And you know what’s sad? How many times I’ve told my husband in the last few weeks that, “I haven’t been to Target in like three weeks.” Then I sit back and wait for major praise because that my friends, is a freaking victory! And I’m trying really hard to be really good about budgeting this year, so you know what’s a bigger victory than today being my first trip to Target in three weeks? That I went to Target today and spent $45, only $5.00 of which was on things I didn’t need at the Dollar Spot, the rest was on groceries. I need an intervention for how exciting my life is (for the record, my life is the perfect amount of exciting for me).

Free Printable Two Week Menu Planner

So let’s talk about the other random highlight of my week: homework. You guys, I have one  child, in Kindergarten, and dear God, homework might just be the death of me. Reading in particular. Do you know how “mean” it is that I make her sound out words with two whole letters in them? Our conversation (and by “conversation” I mean me getting yell/cried at) today went something like,
{me} “You know this word”
{her} “Nooooooo I dooooon’t, we haven’t learned that one yet.”
{me} “You’ve read it a million times before and it’s two letters, “s” and “0”, what sound do those letters make?”
{her} “I don’t know, we haven’t learned that word yet.”
{me} “Reading isn’t ‘learning’ words, it’s putting the sounds together, what sound do they make?”
{her} “I dooooonnnn’tttttttt kkkkknnnnnnooooowwww. We haven’t learned it yet.”

(Thinking to myself, “why am I even bothering to speak?!!!!)

Hell and all kinds of crying break loose, I’m “mean” for like the fourth time today, and someone ends up in their room while we both have a little cool down time, and I’m just trying to figure out why she can read the word “something” like it’s nothing (isn’t that ironic?), yet “s-o” is like asking her to…I don’t even know…something really torturous. School is so fun ;) And I don’t care how long I’m a mother, the ability of a child to flip that crazy, head-spinning frown upside down, on a dime, will NEVER cease to amaze me. Let her be pissed off in her room for 10 minutes and we both come out new women.

Free Printable 2016 Calendar + Printable Menu Planner |

Anyway, was that the most RANDOM post I have ever written? Probably, but it was fun, so thanks for letting me vent for a bit!! Yay for motherhood, life and housework! You can click the links below to download the calendar and menu planner and if you want to read my whole method behind my menu planner, you can find read all about last year’s here. Now I’m off to probably go change laundry or bravely go into homework battle again!

2016 Free Printable Calendar

Free Printable Menu & Grocery List 





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