There is a truth universally acknowledged: Grandparents LOVE pictures of their grandkids–especially at Christmas time. At least that’s the case for all of the grandparents I know. Gifts for the grandparents became instantly easier the year I had a child because pictures are a guaranteed win! Give them 12 pictures: GOLD! And I found out just how true this is when I neglected to give my dad his yearly calendar last year. He’s been reminding me all year, that he’s been recycling 2012’s pictures for the last 12 months ;)  So, since I created this anyway, I thought I’d share the wealth with a Free Customizable 2015 Desk Calendar for you. Of course, these aren’t just for grandparents, who doesn’t love a little calendar with your favorite moments staring back at you? OR, you can just print them out as-is and leave the space blank for notes.

Free Printable 2015 Desk Calendar. Leave it blank or customize with your own pictures. |

So, here’s how to customize your own calendar:

Start by downloading the free template HERE. You can use whatever editing software you prefer, but these steps will be for PicMonkey. All of these steps should be possible with the free version. So, go to, and follow these steps: (If you have PhotoShop, I think it’s MUCH quicker than this, and you can just drop the files onto the calendars and print).

free printable calendarFree photo calendar template


Once the customized calendar is saved, you can print them from home, or send them to wherever you have your photos printed. These are formatted ideally for 4×6 size, but will print up to 8×10.

Also, a few little things of note.
1. You have to open each file individually. I know it’s sort of a pain, but it was the best way to make the editing easy and clean.
2. If you drag the pictures beyond the edges of the calendar, PicMonkey will automatically cut off where it goes beyond the edge.

If you don’t want to add pictures, you can just download the template and print it out. I love them left blank almost as much as I love the photos, because it leaves lots of extra space for notes, or just some doodles or embellishments of your own.

free 2015 calendar

The stand is just a flower frog. I like to pick up vintage ones here and there, but this one is actually brand new and still has that awesome old look. You can find lots of cool shapes and sizes here, or at most craft stores. This one was a gift for Grandpa, so I wrapped it up and used the frog as the embellishment on the package–double duty!

vintage flower frog



You can find the 2016 calendar HEREFree Printable 2016 Desk Calendar | These simple, adorable 2016 calendars can be customized with your own photos. Perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas!

Or a watercolor version here:

Free Printable 2016 Desk Calendar | Beautiful watercolor calendar free printable



  1. says

    Hey! The download link isn’t live… can you update with the link & it’ll be our little secret? ;) Thanks for all the great content & ideas, all the time!!!

  2. Heather Torgersen says

    Love, love, love this Jenn! Totally making this for all the Grandparents this Christmas. Any advice on where I can get these printed in card stock? xoxo

  3. Kaylene says

    I loved your calendar template and I now have my very own personalised version. Thank you! It was well worth getting it printed on card at my local Officeworks (Australia)

  4. says

    Hi!!! I love the custom calendar where I can add my own pictures do you have it for 2016?? Please let me know :)


    I love all the things you do :)

  5. Tabitha says

    These are amazing! It’s hard to choose! I love the photo one, have a lot of photos from Banff and the Rockies that will look great with your design. Thanks for the FREEBIE!! :)

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