Free Fall Printable

Don’t you just LOVE fall?  I’m such a summer lover, but by the time fall seems to start peeking around the corner, I’m so ready for it to be here.  Slower pace, football, boots, sweaters, colors–I just love it!  When I found this quote, there was no question that it would be my printable for fall.  I have it sitting on my fall mantel, which you can see over at Craftaholics on Monday. (You can see last year’s mantel here.)

*****UPDATE: Thank you reader who pointed out that there was a misspelling in this print–OOPS!  The download is corrected!********

Two of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken were the inspiration for the color scheme.  Enjoy!!
(A quick note: mine was printed as an 8×10, so if you want the text to fill the frame, print it a size or two larger than the frame you’ll be using).

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