Favorites on Friday

Hey, hey! The weekend is H-E-R-E!!!! I am so incredibly excited for this weekend, because after three years of being out of town for the Vintage Whites Market, I’m finally in town and headed there bright and early Saturday morning with my oldest bestie! You can be sure that there will be MAJOR overgramming going on.

As for today’s post, I think we’ll dub this the High/Low Favorites on Friday. Usually I’m all about the budget, and in real life, I totally am, but Favorites on Friday is all about the wishing and the dreaming too. So when I gathered my list of my favorites from this week, it turned out be the uber affordable and the uber expensive–no in between. So, here are the dreams and the doable for this week:

This chair.  $495.00–this one will stay on the dreams list. Well, maybe, it’s pretty fabulous, but it’s also a little difficult to hide a $500, coral chair from a husband ;)
Favorites on Friday | MyFabulessLife

These lights. And those stools, which after a little Google search I found were $795 EACH!! Whaaaaattt?
Favorites on Friday | MyFabulessLife

These botanical prints. They’re free by the way, so maybe you can set aside the money you would have spent on art, for the $795 stools ;)
Favorites on Friday | MyFabulessLife
This gallery wall. Including the fabulous planking! These could easily fall into the “low” category, because you know the thrift store is crawling with old paintings. In fact, my friend Cassie has a pretty awesome collection of her own that she’s thrifted.
Favorites on Friday | MyFabulessLife

This light is BA–NANAS!!!! And you have to “sign-in” for pricing, I’m thinking definite high end.Favorites on Friday | MyFabulessLife
And, last the best of all the game, right? This shelf. What’s not to love. It’s industrial, it’s covered in vintage, and there’s globes. It had me at globes.
Favorites on Friday | MyFabulessLife

 Have a fabulous weekend friends!!


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